Certificate massage course

Today, more than ever before, people are realizing what a profound effect massage can have on their health and wellbeing. No mater how high the requirements are, there is a wide range of massage schools and programs to choose from. Yearly, more and more people start attending a massage course to acquire the necessary skills of how to maintain good health or even to start a new topical career with great chances of promotion. All this is opened for you by a certificate massage course.

Today, more than ever before, people are realizing what a profound effect massage can can have on their health and wellbeing. The benefits of massage are numerous and extend to many aspects of daily life from a general sense of well-being to getting rid of many of the common aches and pains that plague our lives. Massage works wonders on emotional conditions and is one of the best remedies to treat anxiety, deep seated emotional disturbances and stress. So, more and more people are eager to learn massage either for personal or professional needs. Their aspiration can come true by attending a massage course.

According to the leading practitioners, the curriculum of a good massage therapy school, except for a good theoretical base, should include a sufficient amount of class hours in massage practice, including: touch sensitivity; building trust; safe touch; practitioner self care and body mechanics; client communications; charting; Swedish massage strokes and physiological effects; Swedish gymnastics; draping; hygiene; indications and contraindications for massage; Shiatsu Touch; Seated Shiatsu treatment; Sports Massage; trigger point work; advance Swedish massage, reciprocal inhibition; pregnancy massage; hydrotherapy; myofascial release; injury treatment; deep tissue, medical treatment  integrative whole body massage and other academy massage techniques. There is no substitute for caring, sensitive touch in the healing process. It should be taught how to initiate and complete a touch as a sacred moment and how to establish and maintain physical trust throughout the entire massage session.


No mater how high the requirements are, there is a wide range of massage therapy schools and programs to choose from. Being unique and original, the massage courses they offer have a lot in common. Raynor technique taught in many massage therapy schools worldwide, for instance, teaches different professional techniques during a ten-day certificate massage course. The world renowned Raynor Technique of Therapeutic Massage is a style of massage that combines aspects of deep tissue massage, acupressure, remedial and therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and shiatsu.


During the days of this massage course, students study some theoretical items, such as history of massage and different types of massage, contraindications to massage, massage theories associated with the release of tension in the front of the head, the techniques of releasing emotional tension stored in the abdominal area, a side position that is used to release deep seated tension in the sacral area, combined with proper breathing techniques are taught later on during this massage course. You will explore the importance of the feet and hands in massage and how they affect and benefit the whole treatment, the specific aspects of face and scalp massage and the use of acupressure points in the head to help alleviate stress, tension, headaches and neck problems. The use of aromatherapy oils in massage treatment is also discussed during the massage course. You will then explore their use throughout  practice with both deep tissue massage and also lighter massage.

A full practitioner-client interaction from taking a case history to making a full massage to suit the client's needs within a certain length of time is of great importance. There is usually a very important discussion period after this treatment where any questions that a student needs to clarify will be highlighted.


Massage therapy is an extremely effective way to relieve the stresses and tensions of everyday life and many people think of massage as  worthwhile luxury. That's why yearly, more and more people start attending massage course to acquire necessary skills to maintain  good health or even to start a new topical career with great chances of promotion. All this is opened for you by certificate massage course.



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