CBS in the global MBA network

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was founded in 1917 as a private establishment, designed to satisfy the need of the business sphere for highly qualified people and is the prominent post-graduate business school in Northern Europe. CBS has about fourteen thousand students and an annual enrollment of around one thousand exchange students, which together with four hundred full-time researchers and around five hundred administrative staff workers make CBS one of three largest business schools in Northern Europe.

CBS is an urban university; its campus is located in two contemporary buildings, close to the center of Copenhagen, Scandinavia's largest and liveliest city with a population of nearly one and a half million. Copenhagen is an ancient, appealing and largely low-rise city, which is full of contrast and will satisfy different tastes from lovers of olden days and medieval homes to music lovers and night flaneurs.

CBS is unequalled to other business schools, as it comprises two faculties - the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and the Faculty of Modern Languages. Degrees are offered in business economics, combined with specializations in such areas, as International Business, International Marketing and Management, Computer Science, Ethics, Law, Accounting, Management Science, Human Resource Management, etc. Language programs are available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

CSB is profoundly integrated in the global business life both through three hundred and fifty international researchers and through its innumerous sponsors. Moreover, its worldwide network includes more than two hundred and fifty partner schools across the globe.

The school's international recognition, its reputation and heritage have made it possible to establish CBS reciprocal exchange programs with other prestigious schools worldwide. Students can further enrich their studies by spending one term abroad at another institution. An exchange experience can help them prepare for the challenges in the international business milieu.

Eligible MBA students from partner schools are permitted to participate in programs at CBS, which last for one semester. They will have an access to all CBS courses, listed in their course register if they meet necessary requirements. The majority of courses is taught in English and is attended by CBS degree students as well.

Exchange students enjoy the so-called 'Buddy System', where a local Danish student is attached to an exchange student in order to help him become acquainted with life in Copenhagen. An orientation week is obligatory to introduce the CBS to exchange students.

Concurrently with the orientation week, a language course will be run for any interested students. This is a great chance to familiarize yourself with the language (which is really hard!) and to get to know a small group of people before the beginning of the semester. The Danish Crash Course is very intensive; it lasts for one week and has twenty lectures. Small as it may seem, the amount of Danish you will acquire in the first week will be of real help.

The CBS graduates mention a cultural variety and an interaction between students and the faculty as the greatest strength of the university. The importance of blending different cultures within the groups is highly stressed. In your international negotiations group you may meet a Kenyan, a Dane, a German and a Briton. It is a great environment to learn how to live in harmony with people that are often very dissimilar and it is a very challenging experience.

Any exchange student should also be aware of the fact that Copenhagen is famous for bicycling. There are bike paths everywhere, including traffic lights for bikes only. Hence, at first a bicycle is a must, though later on you are certainly to have a fancy one, since it is a great and very safe way of getting around.

Copenhagen Business School is one of the most diverse, qualified and challenging programs not only in Europe, but all over the world.

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