Caviar dish ? just caviar with Champagne

Once served to the emperors in Russia, caviar today is available almost in all world markets. This both elegant and expensive appetizer is simply sieved and salted fish roe (eggs). Russian caviar is world known and is considered the finest caviar worldwide. The other countries producing caviar are the USA, Iran and France. Although expensive, caviar is healthy food and a rich and luxurious addition to your home dinner. For instance, only a spoonful of caviar comprises the adult daily requirement of vitamin B-12.

You can buy caviar almost in any seafood market or at a store, nevertheless, read the label before purchasing. Today, as many caviar types exist, so many fakes you can buy. Then, if caviar is not expensive, this is not caviar of high quality; high quality caviar can never be cheap. Learn the information about the major caviar types offered below.  

Russian Caspian Caviar is accessible in three major types: beluga caviar, sevruga caviar and ossetra caviar, which is the best and incomparable to any other caviar.    

Beluga 000 and Beluga Malossol 000 ("malossol" means "a little salted" in English) are Russian Caspian or Black Sea Caviar. The 000 stands for an international Beluga Caviar standard of exceptional quality. These types of caviar feature a large size of the eggs, a light-to-dark gray color and a delicate buttery flavor. 

Imperial 000 is the rarest kind of Ossetra caviar with slightly smaller eggs than Beluga Caviar, the Imperial Ossetra is called "the best buy for the money in caviar". Ossetra caviar is also obtainable as Ossetra Malossol. 

Russian Sevruga features the smallest eggs in comparison to Beluga and Ossetra and is less expensive than beluga caviar. 

Fresh Pressed Caviar (also called Ikra Paiousnaia) is a caviar type, prepared at the very beginning of the fishing season, when the eggs are at their firmest point.

Iranian Caviar also features three main types of caviar - beluga caviar, sevruga and ossetra, and it competes with Russian caviar as the best caviar in the world. Recently, Iran has begun direct exports to the USA, where Iranian caviar has fast gained the popularity and fame.

Moreover, according to studies, the southern part of the Caspian Sea, which belongs to Iran, is free from environmental pollution, which can affect Iranian caviar.  Iranian's Imperial Caviar 000 is produced by the rarest and most nature Ossetra sturgeon. It has full, nutty flavored, medium sized grains, a firm texture with a golden color. 

American caviar is very similar to Russian sevruga caviar (with the smaller size of roe), but its price is more affordable than the prices of Russian and Iranian ones. American caviar is available in the following varieties:  
1) American Sturgeon is consistent in size and shape caviar with a subtle brine and silken flavor. The color varies from dark grey to black. 
2) American Paddlefish (Grey Pearl caviar) is acclaimed by many to be the second only to Beluga. This is caviar, consisting of small gray or black roe.
3) Bowfin Black is a firm and shiny caviar type with natural black eggs, resembling sturgeon caviar.
4) Salmon Keta Caviar is a type with large red-orange eggs, very mild and succulent in flavor. 

Although there are varieties of recipes using caviar, the product is so self-sufficient that it is considered an independent caviar dish. You should serve the caviar very cold, preferably in a caviar dish that has been set into another container of ice. Traditionally, it is presented simply, with toast points and lemon wedges. You may garnish the caviar dish with sour cream, minced onion and hard-cooked egg whites and yolks. Two classic caviar accompaniments are iced vodka and champagne, both bringing about an exclusive taste and a flavor of the caviar dish.

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