Cardiff Holidays - What is Worth of Visiting?

Cardiff is the capital and the larges city of Wales, the youngest capital in Europe and one of the most beautiful cities of UK. If you choose Cardiff as a place for your holidays, you won't regret! It's the city that has managed to combine the initial beauty of nature, ancient architecture with the modern buildings and vibrant life of the capital. With so much to do and see it's only logical that Cardiff holidays represent a great way for you to spend some of your free time!

Cardiff is the largest city in Wales. It is located on the South Wales coast and considered as a unitary authority. Cardiff obtained the status of a city in 1905 and was proclaimed capital of Wales in 1956 by Queen Elizabeth II. This is the youngest capital in Europe.
Having a total area of 140 km2, Cardiff possess great amount of sights.

Having Cardiff holidays it won't be a problem to see something special, original and amazing at the same time. Cardiff is home to Cardiff Castle, the National Assembly for Wales, St. David's Hall, the National Museum and Gallery, and Cathays Park, and the Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral. The Welsh National Opera moved into the Wales Millennium Centre in November 2004. And that is just a little list of Cardiff sights. If you have the Cardiff holidays tour and have just alighted from one of the planes in one of the Cardiff airports, try to visit the most interesting and amazing places Cardiff is rich in.

First of all visit Cardiff Castle, the most ancient and grand fortress built by Romans in the 1st century AD. It's almost unbelievable to see such a marvelous construction in the middle of the city - the eye-witness of the long years of history. Having the Romans origin Cardiff Castle is considered to be the Norman due to the specific architecture style - the bulky walls and its surrounding water-filled moat give the visitors a perfect image of the true Norman castle.

Another one thing that is worth seeing while on Cardiff holidays is St Fagans -- Wales's most popular heritage attraction. It opened on 1 July 1948. Since then, it has been regarded as one of Europe's prominent open air museums.  The Museum is situated on the territory of the magnificent St Fagans Castle, a late 16th-century manor house generously donated to the people of Wales by the Earl of Plymouth. The 100-acre St Fagans shows the life of Welsh people over the last five hundred years. It is the most visited attraction of Cardiff.

Except St Fagans, you can another famous museum - the National Museum Cardiff. It is a museum and art gallery under the same roof. Its foundation stone was laid in 1912 but due to the First World War the National Museum was not open to the public until 1927. The collection of paintings embraces masterpieces of famous artists of 18th- 20th centuries. You can enjoy the works of Jan van Capelle (A Calm), Palma Vecchio, Amico Aspertini, Rubens, Honor, Daumier, Jean-Fransois Millet, Monets, Van Gogh, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and collection of works of the notable Welsh artists, including landscapes by Richard Wilson and the pioneering Thomas Jones. It's useless to enumerate the artists whose works are represented in the National Museum Cardiff - there are too many of them and they all are worth not only seeing but admiration.

While Cardiff holidays we advise you to visit Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral of St David. St David's was built as Cardiff's principal Catholic Church in 1887. In 1916 it became a cathedral and seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cardiff.  Wales' National Cathedral is the centre of Catholic life in Cardiff, and the country as a whole. A notable feature inside the Cathedrel is the organ, built by "Father" Henry Willis, who also built the organs at the Royal Albert Hall and St Paul's Cathedral. Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral of St David is one of only three Roman Catholic Cathedrals in the UK which is coupled with a choir school.

As for the sights of modern culture, you can visit St David's Hall. Situated in the heart of Cardiff it is the National Concert Hall and Conference Centre of Wales. With its wide range of live entertainment, free exhibitions, conferences, two bars and various places to eat, obliging staff and relaxing surroundings, St David's Hall is enjoyed throughout the year.

Another one place connected with the music is the Wales Millennium Centre. It is a $106 million performing arts complex located on the Cardiff Bay waterfront. Since November 2004 it hosts performances of opera, ballet, dance and musicals. It is the home of the Welsh National Opera - a touring operatic company founded in 1943.

The chief modern Cardiff attraction is Techniquest - Britain's leading science discovery centre. Here you can enjoy 160 hands-on exhibits, and you can visit both a Science Theatre and Planetarium. The attraction was founded in 1986 with the aim of developing people's understanding of science and technology. It is visited by almost 100,000 people -- both young and old -- annually.

It can sound a bit strange, but in the centre if Cardiff you can rest in the wonderful Bute Park formally Cardiff Castle grounds. Other popular parks for recreation and relaxation are Roath Park with a very popular boating lake in the north; Victoria Park, Cardiff's first official park; and Thompson's Park.

Cardiff holidays will be unforgettable for everyone!

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