Cameroon Travel - Rainforests, Elephants and Endless Beaches

Cameroon is one of the most diverse countries in Africa and is often called "Little Africa". Cameroon travel will place you right in the middle of a culture that is both magical and enlightening at the same time. Outside the swelling and modernized cities of Cameroon, rainforests stretch from the Atlantic Ocean, giving way to savannah and semi-desert in the north. It's a very picturesque country and is well worth visiting.

"Africa in miniature", Cameroon is a Central African nation on the Gulf of Guinea, bordered by Nigeria, Chad, the Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon. The main rivers are the Benue, Nyong, and Sanaga.
The Portuguese explored the coast in the late 15th century and called the estuary to the south of Mount Cameroon the river of prawns, or rather Rio das Cameroon.

From 1961 until 1972 Cameroon was a federation of the former French Cameroons in the east, and the former British Cameroons in the west. English and French are both official languages, although French is the more widely spoken, while English is restricted to the west. The native language in the south is Bantu, while the tongue of the north is more Sudanic.

In Cameroon, you'll find a myriad of ethnic and language groups, extremely varied climatic and geographical conditions, and a fascinating traditional culture and history. From the Sahara Desert to the equatorial grasslands or the nature reserves Lobeke, Nki and Boumba Bek. In Cameroon lays the highest mountain in West Africa. Elephants and bongos congregate by the hundreds in some of Africa's best wildlife parks, and beachcombers laze on long, isolated beaches. Cameroon travel is fun at all times.

The country offers severe extremes in climate as the balmy wetness of the coast and south give way to the arid heat of the north. The coastal and southern regions of Cameroon are consistently humid and often rainy during March to November, with temperatures hovering around 25-29C (77-84F) most of the time. And last but not least, Cameroon is full of wonderful friendly and warmhearted people.

The top destinations for Cameroon travel are Bamenda, Douala, Yaounde, Limbe, Foumban etc. Douala is Cameroon's port city. Limbe is a small picturesque town of the Gulf of Guinee, with beautiful beaches to lie down on and relax under a palm tree, but there's also a traditional market and interesting bars and shops to explore. If you're interested in a beachside holiday the white sand beaches of Limbe are for you.
Though touristy, Foumban is one of major Cameroon travel attractions and an important centre of traditional African art. Its jewel is the Palais Royal, seat of power for the Bamoun people.

The ruler of the Bamoun is known as the sultan, and the Bamoun can trace the lineage of their sultan back to 1394. The palace, completed in 1917, resembles a medieval chateau. It houses the Sultan's Museum, which contains a multitude of royal gowns, arms, musical instruments, statues, jewelry, masks and colorful bead-covered thrones.

Once a sleepy colonial capital, Yaound is now a bustling urban centre of meandering streets and undulating hills, offering excellent museums and a cool climate for your Cameroon travel. North of the city centre is the Benedictine Monastery's Museau d'Art Cameroonais. It has one of the best collections of Cameroonian art in the world.

Trekking in the spectacular landscapes of the Mandara Mountains west of Maroua is one of Cameroon's best and most popular attractions. The whole region is full of traditional hillside villages of round huts, huge stone formations and wide green valleys.

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