California vacation ? a tour of five largest cities

California, nicknamed the Golden State, is a diverse US state, fine to visit in any season of the year. There are craggy peaks to climb and miles of beaches to lie in the sun, there are rocky coasts and redwoods in Northern California, there are great cultural and historic attractions in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, there are ... more, and more, and more. The possibilities of an excellent vacation in California are so great that you have to plan your travel either by a destination or by a theme, developed through several destinations.

Your California vacation can be as diverse as the landscape and cultural attractions of the state are. In fact, it would take a year for a visitor to explore all the state of California and it is almost impossible to select must-see sights. Therefore, you may choose one of California destinations and spend a vacation in one place or you can go out of the beaten path and plan your California vacation according to your interests and passions. Moreover, the options of California vacations, planned by a topic, are actually limitless.

For instance, you can have a particular aim to learn more about California's history; here we visit all historically significant places, such as Route 66 and California lighthouses. Alternatively, you may want to see what the largest cities of California are and spend in the buzz of each at least a couple of days; here you can find a guide to a California vacation, focused around five largest cities. The list of five largest cities in California is the following:

Los Angeles, 3,694,820
San Diego, 1,223,400
San Jose, 894,943
San Francisco, 776,733
Long Beach, 461,522

Los Angeles is a boiling pan of vibrant nightlife, casinos, fine-art museums and fine California cuisine. Some first-time visitors find Los Angeles threatening and thrilling; it is the place, which moves you according to its own rhythm and tempo whether you want it or not. However, the reward for your anxiety is an opportunity to see the city epitomizing American Dream - the magic worlds of Disneyland, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu.

San Diego - the second largest city in California is a fun playground for all the family. The city boasts seventy miles of beaches, the Sea World Adventure Park, the World-Famous San-Diego Zoo, the LEGOLAND California and San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park. San Diego Zoo should come the first in the list of attractions to be visited. Clouded leopards, pygmy hippopotamus and other species of rare animals inhabit these three acres of Asian and African forests.

San Jose, the next destination of your California vacation, has a spectacular setting, ringed by mountainous peaks, some of them volcanoes. The city is vibrant and lively with excellent museums, nice recreational parks, fashionable buildings, good cafes and restaurants. Major attractions include the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, Paramount's Great America, the Raging Waters, the San Jose Flea Market, the San Jose Regional Parks and the Winchester Mystery House.

San Francisco is a great city to visit for people of all ages. Among all places, making San Francisco so appealing as a tourist destination, you must visit the Exploratorium in the Palace of Fine Arts (some people call it a mad scientist's playpen!) with interactive exhibits, Chinatown with magnificent Buddhist Temples, Chinese markets and unique gift shops, Muir Woods with the tallest trees of thousand years old and, certainly, the San Francisco Zoo.

Long Beach is an enjoyable city of restored architecture, bargain antiques stores and the Aquarium of the Pacific, a terrific representation of three distinct geographic and climatic zones from around the world.

Conclusively, there is no shortage of fine California vacation rentals and the property types are abundant. Here again all depends on your preferences and likes. You may choose a condominium, a downtown cottage or a beach house for a more private California vacation or an exquisite hotel in the center of the city to add luxury and grandness to your California visit.

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