California Hotel Association indirectly serves each client of California lodging industry

California has a number of hotel associations that set new standards and represent the interests and prestige of the state's growing hotel market in the state, country, and even world hospitality industry. The leading California hotel association is the California Hotel & Lodging Association with more than one thousand five hundred and fifty members with nearly two hundred thousand guestrooms in bed and breakfast inns, hotels, motels, resorts, guest ranches, spas, timeshares, and condominium and vacation rental services. A visitor can entrust the quality and high standard of each member-property of the California Hotel & Lodging Association.

In the1970s, two organizations, namely the California State Hotel & Lodging Association and the Southern California Hotel & Lodging Association, merged into one California hotel association destined to be the leading and most influential not only in the country but also in the world. This California hotel association was named the California Hotel & Lodging Association and entrusted to represent and serve all aspects of California lodging industry.

Today, the California Hotel & Lodging Association's member properties range from bed and breakfast inns, hotels, motels, resorts, guest ranches, spas, timeshares, and condominium and vacation rental services. The California Hotel Association smallest members have just three rooms, while the largest has 1,895.

The aim of the California Hotel & Lodging Association is two-faced. On the one hand, the Association represents and serves each member of California hotel industry; on the other hand, it requires from its members to correspond to high standards of hospitality industry to create individual image of each property as well as work for the benefit of each hotel client, for his individual needs and desires. Hence, the experience of staying with one of California Hotel Association's member is rarely disappointing.

The California Hotel & Lodging Association is a non-profit, mutual benefit trade association. All members of CH&LA are encouraged to participate in one or more of the Association's committees. Participation in committee work is an effective way for individuals interested in becoming active in the volunteer leadership structure to learn about the organization and its operation. Moreover, CH&LA offers a great variety of activities for its members including participation in country's hospitality competitions, conferences, meetings, and other event aimed at active improvement of the California hotel industry. The Association also invites each property-member to use its educational and training programs as to promote quality and value of California tourism.

In 2005, the members of the Association participated in the Las Vegas International Hotel & Restaurant Show (LVIHRS). In 2005, CH&LA won 2005 Chairman's Cup Membership Award. The Association also annually participates in the national Stars of the Industry with many members being the winners of the competition. This year, lodging property achievement awards for Customer Service were given to the Glorietta Bay Inn in Coronado and the Hilton Long Beach & Executive Meeting Center, while the Glorietta Bay inn won its third Stars of the Industry award in the Guest Relations category.

Another important California hotel association is the California Lodging Industry Association (CLIA), former California Motel Association. The association is also very active in promoting travel and tourism to and within the state. Its most notable contribution was the passage of California Tourism Policy Act, which included a five million dollar appropriation for generic tourism promotion.

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