Bullfighting short clips featuring tradition as animal abuse and spectacular performance

Bullfighting is a tradition, arousing controversial opinions, views and ideas. While those, who struggle for animals? rights, call bullfighting cruel and primitive violence toward bulls, the aficionados consider it a spectacular show, appealing to the bottom of your imagination and fascinating your mind. It is actually hard to understand the notion of bullfighting without seeing it in reality.

To comprehend bullfighting as a cultural tradition of Spain and several countries, acquainted with this culture through Spain, is to see the show with your own eyes. If you have not seen it, there is no ground to say that it is a brutal act of violence, as well as you cannot appreciate it as an artistic spectacle. With the development of technologies, it is as easy to see real bullfighting at your home as to listen to your local radio. You can experience it through bullfighting short clips. Consider the following websites to look for bullfighting short clips or a bullfighting short clips download.

http://www.samford.edu/ is an educational website, providing library resources, films, documents and bullfighting short clips. It is an exclusive website, featuring much of Spanish culture in short clips, such as ?The Virgin and The Bull?, ?La Fiesta Brava II? , the explanation of bullfighting, ?La Fiesta Brava I?, the historical perspective of bullfighting and more. All bullfighting short clips are in English.

http://www.codewolf.com/ is a website, featuring short clips, which are dedicated to the most veiled and terrifying sides of our life, such as short clips of sex change operations or Iraqis, having their arms and legs cut of while alive for stealing. The animal abuse is shown through a variety of ways from bullfighting short clips to fur coats making images. A very cognitive experience!

http://www.allowe.com/Humor/video.htm is a website, based entirely on funny short clips, while bullfighting short clips sometimes appear. http://www.banbloodsports.com/ features short clips on everything and everywhere, bullfighting short clips are also available.

http://www.animalsvoice.com/ and http://www.sharkonline.org/ are websites, expressing the protest against cruelty toward animals and here you can see bullfighting short clips in this perspective. They feature the most violent scenes of bullfighting like when a matador cuts a bull's ear off as a trophy, or a short clip, showing how a matador fails to strike the heart, but strikes the lungs and the bull falls, choking on its own blood.

http://www.sharkonline.org/ also provides its bullfighting short clips with written comments, explaining the scenes represented. For instance, one of bullfighting short clips is dedicated to a nature of peaceful bull, when he is not mistreated, and the phenomenon of ?wild beast?, appearing on a bullring, is explained by extreme tortures, prior to the fight, making the bull defend itself. The suggestion seems quite truthful.

It is important to note that bullfighting short clips on the web are not available in such a variety as pop music audios, since many people throughout the world do not accept the spectacle. If you find nothing satisfying your expectation, read the books by Earnest Hemingway, including The Sun Also Rises, Death In The Afternoon and Dangerous Summer. Although they were written long before your birth, they can outdo any of contemporary video or audio clips in the mastery of putting a dynamic and spectacular action in simple words.

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