Bullfighting information in Spain - drama of national "sport"

While in many countries bullfighting is illegal, it is flourishing in Spain. The reason is not only the popularity of bullfighting, but also the centuries of national tradition, glorifying bullfighting as a sport and art. To eradicate bullfighting is as hard as to deprive Christians in a stable community of their faith. However, even Spanish people are against bullfighting spectacles and see here why.

Bullfighting information in Spain perplexes and confuses any reader, considering that he knows everything about the Spanish national sport. The details of fight of a man against a bull are awesome and the fact that bulls are killed is not the most terrifying one. Although it is almost impossible to cover all bullfighting topics in Spain, such as bullfighting and cruelty, the bullfighting history and many others, in a short review, it is vital to feature, at least, several aspects.

First, the contemporary bullfighting  information in Spain allows a reader to suggest that bullfighting is not a sport either, but a kind of fanatic action, driving many people to see bloody scenes. Indeed, the weekly Fiesta National, as Spaniards call bullfighting, attracts many thousands of nationals to the nearest bullring. The latest bullfighting information in Spain states that annually seventy thousand bulls are killed in front of a thirty million audience for a simple entertainment.

Second, the question is not that people kill animals for sport, since they also kill them for food as all of us need a balanced diet. The main point of a bullfighting drama is that it is not a mutual competition in power or strength due to the fact that an animal is not allowed to survive in any case. Unfortunately, for a suffering bull and luckily to the public, enjoying the agony of a dying animal, a matador rarely succeeds in killing him cleanly and takes several thrusts to reach the bull's heart. In case a matador is injured, his assistants kill a bull.

The following passage will sound even more shocking. According to the bullfighting information in Spain, presented by many prominent former bullfighters, a bull is intentionally debilitated with tranquilizers, laxatives and beatings prior the ?competition?. The bull's eyes are rubbed with a petroleum jelly, it is carrying heavy weights on his neck long weeks before the fight and it is kept in darkness for many hours before going into the arena to blur its vision. What courage and strength do matadors show if they meet a defenseless and weak animal? Farmers do the same successfully in their farms, but not allowing animals suffer so much, as bullfighting allows.

Ranchers specially breed bulls to create a bull that will die in a manner, worth the public's satisfaction and appreciation. These bulls are able to suffer repeated tortures, appearing wild and fighting furiously for their lives, or who will watch the performance with a bull, dying immediately at the first blow?

Additionally, bullfighting information in Spain announces that many bullfight attendees are American tourists, but surveys indicate that ninety percent of these tourists never return to another fight, after being witnesses of the cruelty that takes place in the ring.

However, it is not so bad as it seems and looks. Factually, about one hundred percent of people, who show cruelty toward humans, have experienced cruelty toward animals, preceding their abuses of human beings. The principle seemingly does not work in Spain, where the rates of violence against humans are lower than, for instance, in the USA. Thus, it can be admitted that bullfighting prevents the audience, who see and enjoy all the aspects of a violent death, from exhibiting violence against humans. The question ?Do we need to entertain in a kind of suffering to reduce our crime rates?? still remains unsolved.



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