Boca Chica Beach - Sun, Sand, Surf and an Array of Recreational Activities

Home to the greatest beaches in the Dominican Republic, Boca Chica Beach is a renowned vacation destination that offers its visitors crystal clear shallow waters, white sands and natural coral reefs. It is situated 19 miles east of San Domingo, in the south shore of the Hispaniola Island. Popular with Europeans is the east side of the town, known as St. Tropez and featuring a variety of fast food stands, chaise lounges, beach cottages and water sports facilities.

Developed originally by Juan Vicini in the early 20th century, Boca Chica Dominican Republic has grown to one of the most popular vacation destination, known primarily for its beautiful white-sand beaches and pristine blue waters. Secluded and quiet during the 1950 - 1960, Boca Chica beach became more popular and populated after the 1970s. The short distance from the capital city - Santo Domingo, white sands and crystalline waters it in one of the most crowded beached in the Dominican Republic.

Situated east of Brownsville, Boca Chica beach is a sandy peninsula detached by the Brazos Santiago Pass from South Padre Island. Except for several homes that can be observed from South Padre Island, the beach has no other facilities. However, it does offer an array of great recreational activities, like swimming, fishing, snorkeling, surfing, bird watching and kite boarding. Many visitors consider Boca Chica beach to be an ideal place to get away from buzzing cities and hustle of everyday life. It is also regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, whose water is shallower and clearer and sand is softer and whiter as compared to beaches along the northern coast.

Boca Chica beach is truly a unique destination, with waters forming a one-mile wide cove and a giant semi-circle-like reef extending from one end to another and surrounding completely the cove by forming a large salt water swimming pool. The cove is generally glass calm, with the reef acting as the natural wall to the Caribbean Sea. The water inside the reef is crystal clear and fed by numerous natural underground springs.

Referred to as "swimming pool in the sea", it offers some of the most beautiful views because of the contrast of the shallow bay with the deep azure of the Caribbean. Depending on angle of the sun, colors spectrum ranges from intense blue-green to deep sky-blue. The shallow waters make Boca Chica beach ideal for water sports, including boat paddling, kayaking, water skiing, swimming, banana boat rides and much more. Nestled inside the reef are two small islands: La Matica and Los Pinos. The former is home to thousands of herons, and hence, it popular with bird watchers. A larger Los Pinos has lots of firm land and requires mosquito repellent and sturdy shoes for its exploration.

The main section of Boca Chica Beach is filled with a number of businesses, including the all-inclusive Hamaca Beach Resort, Don Juan Beach Resort and Treasure Divers - the associated dive company. The end of the pier is marked by an open air bar and the Hotel Zapata, enjoying popularity with families. At the opposite side of the beach visitors are offered Boca Chica Beach Resort that houses a restaurant and disco, while the pool and the main grounds are situated several blocks away and can be accessed via a private walkway.

Except for these, there are no other hotels on the beach, though a great number of them can be found within one or two blocks. It is quite possible to spend a day on the beach quite easily and inexpensively with food and beverage service, and even enjoy a massage on a comfortable beach chair.

Boca Chica Beach - - you'll wonder if it's legal to have so much fun in one location!

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