Blimpie Calories: a Healthy Way of Life?

Today fast food restaurants gain more popularity. The advantages are evident: we have more time for ourselves. We do not have to spend the whole day on the kitchen cooking fanciful dishes of the Mexican or Chinese cuisine. Finally the problem is solved! Why do things that other people can do instead of us!

Every day blimpie calories are consumed by millions of Americans. Television commercials feature fast food as healthy and low cal. Thousands of people claim they have lost weight eating in fast food restaurants. Fast food is becoming synonymous with diet. Everything seems perfect. But is it really so?

Most of the meal in fast food restaurants contains more calories than we think. It is quite sufficiently to name some of the dishes and the number of blimpie calories they contain. Blimpie Best Cub on white or wheat contains 410 calories, Cub Sub on white or wheat - 370, Ham n' Swiss - 410, Turkey Sub - 330, Roast Beef - 390 blimpie calories.
Most frequently we are not aware of the amount of calories we consume. If we knew the meal was highly calorific, we might think twice before eating it. For this reason fast food restaurants are required to place the information about calories and fat. Very often we substitute a salad for a burger or fries because we are convinced that it contains fewer calories and less fat. Nevertheless dressing can contain more calories and fat than a double cheeseburger. Advertisements compare the content of fried chicken to that of a Burger King Whooper. Such comparisons are in favor of the fried chicken. It can be a part of a healthy diet because of low proportion of fat in it.

In spite of all the claims, not all fast food is health food. The menus are very stacked, few healthy choices are available.

Taking into consideration the problem of raising obesity in the USA, the measures must be taken to reduce the attendance of fast food restaurants, especially among children. We have to face truth: today one third of all U.S. children suffers from obesity. Researchers found diseases among children, which have never been found before. It's a well-known fact that parents often shuttle children from after-school care, so that they are obliged to eat in fast food restaurants.

The Florida department of Health has supported the antiobesity efforts of Get Healthy Florida. The campaign was held at an Orlando middle school. A representative of McDonald's has picked the youth group, which is responsible for advancing the ideas to the governor's obesity panel. Such health initiative must be countrywide.

Fast food companies are sued over obesity, but the cases are often dismissed. Two years ago a lawsuit was filed against a fast food restaurant in a New York City. The plaintiffs were two children aged 13.

Despite all the accusations and lawsuits blimpie fast food and other fast food restaurants continue to flourish. Millions of people buy their burgers and consume thousands of blimpie calories. Fast food chains try smaller locations; they develop restaurants with small kitchens and seating areas in small towns. Small stores are believed to operate more efficiently and earn income in areas where the land is not so expensive. They have a new design that is much smaller than a traditional restaurant. Such restaurant contains as a rule about 40 places.

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