Beirut, the City that will never loose its flavour

Outstanding and mysterious, shady and giving, Beirut is a city which is plain and mysterious simultaneously. Bursting with sunshine, Beirut is brimming over with life. From the sea cornice to the streets swarming with people, the effervescence is constant. Moreover, Beirut, capital of Lebanon, is also an important money market and business meeting point for all the businessmen of the region.
A city with a venerable past, 5,000 years ago Beirut was a prosperous town on the Canaanite and Phoenician coast. Beirut survived a decade and a half of conflict and so has earned the right to call itself "the City that could not die".

Beirut, with its million-plus inhabitants, conveys a sense of life and energy that is immediately apparent. This dynamism is echoed by the Capital's geographical position: a great promontory jutting into the blue sea with dramatic mountains rising behind it. Commerce is the second nature of the Beirutis, who long ago discovered that their port city on the East-West cross-roads was ideally placed for trading and business of all kinds. A banking center with free currency exchange, the chief employment here is in trade, banking, construction, import-export and service industries. Its many advantages also make Beirut a natural venue for international, regional or local conferences and conventions.

Beirut is a melting pot of many cultures and shelters an incredible variety of languages, nationalities and religions. Thus, many remarkable contrasts appear in the streets: churches and mosques stand side by side, water pipe smokers of the harbour and peaceful fishermen mix with frenzied jogging and mountain-biking aficionados. In this environment large panoplies of different ways of living co-exists. The Lebanese capital enjoys a vigorous press that publishes in Arabic, English, French and Armenian. Five Universities help keep ideas and innovations flowing.

A maze of alleys with rich colors makes the time stand still in Beirut. Each house shows you its unique refinements and architectural elegance, where the bright colors of the facades reply to the adornments of wrought iron and carved wood.

Beirut never sleeps. At sunset, party lights take over. In restaurants, coffee-rooms, pubs and clubs, Beirut's nights are bewitching: with soft or crazy music, the ochre streets are wonderfully lit, and party all night. Whether you prefer romantic dinners or endless dance nights, gastronomic cuisine or quick snacks, early-to-bed or late rising; Beirut lives, dances, sings and laughs at all times.

Beirut has always encouraged artistic creativity thanks to its diversity. Its cultural life is constantly in full swing: concerts, festivals, exhibitions, art galleries and opportunities to meet creators are all found in this city. The flourishing art scene, including theater, film making, music and plastic arts adds to the sense that it is indeed a city on the move.

The new Beirut Airport with international standards, which serves the national carrier middle East Airlines and numerous foreign airlines, has a capacity to handle six million passengers per year. So, where ever you are, you can always book cheap flights to Beirut or to other cities in Lebanon, and discover this wonderful country and its capital with a wide variety of vegetation and picturesque sceneries, its architecture, paved streets, walled gardens and its charming secluded corners.
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