Behave in Nightclubs or nightclub etiquette

The thing is that many people do not know how to behave in nightclubs. Many people love partying, and when it comes to it, they simply want to relax, have fun, enjoying their time. Meanwhile the most important rule of nightclub etiquette says: don't be selfish and remember that there are other people wishing to have a good time while partying. Follow nightclub etiquette rules and you'll always be fine!

Who doesn't love nightclubs partying? Lots of young people consider partying to be the best way of relaxation.  If you want to become a clubber, you'll certainly need to become acquainted with the nightclub etiquette guide. Nightclub behavioral science is not a secret, it is an art!

Nowadays people can have some ideas about how to behave in nightclubs. However, in real life they frequently just don't care that there's a special nightclub etiquette, which should be taken into account. Since most of the problems at nightclubs are caused by men, this article will teach men how to behave in nightclubs. You'll get to know some DO's and DON'T's of this ever-thrilling pastime.

It is obvious that one of the main issues of nightclub etiquette is considered to be clothing question. Sometimes people spend hours on thinking and choosing what to wear, as it's not only to satisfy themselves but also to impress others. If you are going to a trendy, posh nightclub, you must follow the club's dress code. Remember, that you are not going to a beach, so don't wear shorts, jeans, t-shirts, flip flops or rubber shoes. Put on nice trousers, a classy shirt and dressy shoes. In fact there is a simple rule in the nightclub etiquette: It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed because if you are underdressed you just look socially inept. If you are going with friends, make sure that they also are dressed correctly. If one of your company gets into trouble for not following the rules, chances are that your whole group will suffer for it.

Frequently, when you finally get to the club, you face a line. The queues can be sometimes just discouraging. Do not become irritable! Be friendly and inconspicuous. Casually ask how long the wait will be. If you feel that the bouncer is indifferent, discreetly slip a bill in his palm while shaking his hand. Also try to arrive with a woman because bouncers as a rule let the ladies in first. You are less likely to get in if you are a large group of males, so try to keep the size of your crew limited or just split up while waiting in line.

Avoid being bounced! Do not annoy the bouncer. Otherwise you not only will not get into the club this time, you will never be able to show your face in the club's line again.
When you finally made it to the bar to order some drinks, the bar may be really busy. Be patient! Get your friends' orders and go to the bar for your group. Don't be rude or insolent to get the bartender's attention, because nobody likes to be treated like a servant.
So as no to commit the mistake of running up a huge tab on your credit cards when nightclubbing, always have your cash money ready when ordering and paying for drinks. Count your change carefully since some barmaids, trying to drag out an extra buck or two from drunken clubbers, take advantage by short-changing them.
Remember, that no food, drinks or cigarettes are allowed with you on the dance floor. They can actually cause accidents and injuries to occur (set someone's hair on fire or cause someone to slip on a spilled drink).
If dancing is not one of your best talents, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are prohibited from dancing at nightclubs. So, if you have two left feet, do not call attention by bumping the others, or by dancing like maniac and bothering everyone on the dance floor. If you want to get someone's attention while dancing, learn to dance! Just move to the music and enjoy yourself. Annoying others and misbehaving yourself means just asking for trouble. You might simply get bounced.
Be ready to dance when you get on the dance floor. Don't stop or stand on the dance floor at any time. If you need stop dancing, make your way off the dance floor. If you bump into any dancer, do not stop dancing but apologize (no matter who's fault). Always be polite with other dancers.
The most important rule of nightclub etiquette says: remember that there are other people wishing to have a good time while partying. Don't be selfish and you will be fine. Good luck!

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