Beautiful Kefalonia - the Magical Paradise On the Ionian Islands

Kefalonia is called the island of contrasts with its Roman, Venetian and Byzantine ruins, which run alongside the famous beaches. The lush green forests and mountain ranges are the perfect backdrop to all those who wish to relax on the long stretches of golden sands that can be found all over beautiful Kefalonia.

The wonderful island of Kefalonia, Greece is the largest of the Ionian Islands. It has a population of almost 32,000 inhabitants and the
capital is the town of Argostoli. The mountainous morphology of the terrain with the flow of much water creates interesting geological phenomena. Rocky shores and sandy beaches are found all over the place. Beautiful Kefalonia is renowned for its idyllic beaches with their fine white and golden sand and their incredible waters, which look as if the turquoise of the sea has been mixed with bleach water.

Some of those magical paradises are fully equipped offering sun beds and umbrellas rentals as well as various sea sports facilities, while others are deserted. Starting a trip on the beautiful Kefalonia Island you should start from Argostoli, which is located on the southwest coast at a bay under the same name. The town was completely destroyed in 1953 by the earthquakes and the old mansions and bell towers had been ruined. The main street of the city called Lithostroto is a cobbled road where you can also do your shopping. Here the archaelogical museum and the folklore museum are great places to visit.  The folklore museum is located at the ground floor of the Corgialenian Library hosting almost 50,000 books. Admire superb lace, linen with family monograms, living room with dance gowns, furniture and the Kefalonian bedroom.

Beautiful Kefalonia has many villages scattered all around its mountainous area, its fertile plains and its beautiful coastline. Most of those villages are very picturesque and have kept their traditional colors and authenticity. The most beautiful village of the island is the fishing
settlement of Fiscardo, which is famous for having kept all its traditional and Venetian buildings, even after the earthquakes of 1953.

Do not miss the small beautiful Kefalonia island of Dias with the Monastery of Panagia Vlachernon. The fortress of St George rests above the village of Peratata, the first capital of the island in 1757. Leaving this area you will arrive at the beautiful beach of Lourda, a sandy beach
ideal for sea sports. The well-known Caretta-Caretta turtle finds her shelter at the beach of Ratzakli and lays the eggs in the sand. At the area of Lassi, 1,5km away from the town, you can experience a geological phenomenon called "katavothra" - when the seawater, entering holes of the land just disappears. It is said that this water comes out at the village of Karavomylos opposite the village of Sami.

More places to visit on the the beautiful Kefalonia Island are the village of Sami, Agia Efimia, Assos with the fortress of the Venetian army
and a natural port, the beautiful beach of Mirtos, the lake of Melisani, the cave of Drogorati with the stalagmites and many others. The best in Kefalonia accommodation as well as various kinds of bars and nightclubs playing a wide range of music is gathered around Argostoli, the
capital of Kefalonia but modern bars and big nightclubs can also be found in main resorts such as Sami, Skala, Fiscardo, Lixouri and Poros.
Various parties are also organized on the most famous beaches of the beautiful Kefalonia Island during summer.

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