Bartender jobs: mixing, serving and tending

There's probably no such person who would think that a bartender jobs is a job that everyone could deal with and nobody would probably argue with the fact that mixing all these cocktails is a sort of an art or at least a well-developed skill one has to work on a lot. Bartenders even have their schools which they attend in order to improve these skills or to get their bartender certificate.

Who's the number one person in all the bars, inns, pubs and other places of this kind? Who's that unique man or woman without whom these place couldn't run? Who plays the lead role in that show? You're right. A bartender.

The description of the bartender jobs is quite simple - basically his/her duty is to mix and serve drinks. It's a person who fix you your relaxing drink when you drop in to a bar nearby after work and the same person will mix you a crazy cocktail in case you come to hang out with your friends. But that surely doesn't mean that if you're non drinker you won't be able to get from a bartender your soda drink or fruit juice. He/she'll serve you anything you ask in case they have it or have all components.

One very important part of the bartender jobs is keeping in mind the whole cocktail menu and knowing precisely what ingredients and in what proportions do make each one of these cocktails. And it's not such an easy task.

Another very important part of bartender jobs is to be able to fix these drinks quickly and observing the proportions without any instruments.

How do they learn to do all this staff one might wonder? Well nobody's born with all the skills and knowledge necessary to do bartender jobs. There are even some special schools where they study their job and pass some bartender training in order to keep up with all the job trends. There they get to know all this cocktail chemistry.

Although drinks are for sure the main part of a bartender job they aren't the only part of it. About another very important part of bartender jobs duties one can simply learn from the name of the profession - yes, probably it is less enjoyable part yet every one of them has to tend the bar. What this includes let's see.

No one gets his/her drinks for free except for some special cases so it's a bartender business to gather the cash from the customers and to address it safely to the cash register. Also it's his/her business to replenish the stock of all the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks plus they have to maintain the set of the drinks.

In all sorts of inns and pubs bartender jobs also include serving food to the customers (everywhere else bartender along with the drinks are serving all kinds of snacks).

Plus they have to keep the order and to prevent all possible customer confrontations and so on. They have one certain possibility to do it which is also a part of bartender duties - not to sell drinks for those who's already about to exceed his/her limits of drinking or otherwise not to let people get blind drunk. If a person is already intoxicated bartender has to call taxi to take that person home.

Also bartender has to check ID in order to get sure his/her customers are old enough to buy alcoholic drinks.

Licensed bartenders can also sell unopened bottles to the customers that would like to take drinks with them.

Yes, and probably the least pleasant part of the bartender jobs is cleaning mess up after the party is over. He/she doesn't have to clean the whole place but obviously has to take care of utensils, glasses, clean up the stoic and other equipment.

Yet, though bartenders have to pass long time up on their feet in the smoky and noisy atmosphere, have to deal with drunk and sometimes aggressive customers - some of them do really like their job and enjoy it.

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