Austrian Hoteliers Association builds world-recognized image of Austrian tourism

The Austrian Hoteliers Association (OEHV) is the organization that has a strong influence on the development of tourism in Austria. It currently joins about one thousand members of Austria's first-class hotel industry, which together create a competitive tourism niche in Austria. Hence, if a visitor chooses a hotel that is a member of the Austrian Hotelier Association, he will enjoy commitment, efficiency, high quality and creativity of the facility chosen.

The Austrian Hoteliers Association (OEHV) has a commitment to improve Austrian hospitality industry, increase tourism opportunities, integrate a variety of services, and, totally, develop highly competitive Australian tourism market. The organization also conducts regular research and comprehensive studies on the so-called "destination management", the strategy that allows individual destinations join their efforts in achieving respected profile in the global tourism industry. The Austrian Hoteliers Association studies the destination projects, invested funds, destination success, business situation of hotels, and an indirect profitability of investments in relevant Austrian regions.

In addition to research and studies, the Austrian Hoteliers Association introduces to the country's guests approximately one thousand members of first-class hotel industry. Of course, it is impossible to review all hotels in one article, but it is useful to highlight several hotels that actually make a difference.

Some members of the Austrian Hoteliers Association are the so-called health or sport hotels, which present competitive alternatives to numerous other accommodation facilities. The Aktiv Sporthotel Brixen (4 star) is a hotel of unrivalled uniqueness located in the Kitzbhel Alps. Along with comfortable rooms equipped with private facilities, telephone, satellite TV, radio and corner sitting unit, the hotel offers eighteen outdoor tennis courts, five indoor courts and a vitality center with indoor and outdoor swimming pool, steam bath, sauna, Kneipp facilities, cosmetic treatments, massage studio, herb Jacuzzi, infra-red radiation and tanning beds. Unique natural setting, winter garden, and sunbathing lawn complement much to hotel's charm as well as make it a comfortable place for sportsmen and nature lovers, seniors and kids, business travelers seeking private and serene lounge and traveling ladies longing for rejuvenating their face and body.

Another distinctive lodging of the type is Alpenhof Herberge der Trume Hotel (4 star) located in the Weissensee area. Everything here is created by nature and man to gladden the eye. The hotel harmonically combines a magnificent setting above Lake Weissensee with numerous health and wellness activities. Beautifully surrounded by deep forests, eternal meadows, splendid gardens and mountain pastures, the hotel makes a wonderful basis for water sports, horse-drawn carriage riding, skiing, walking and mountain climbing.

The hotel relaxing therapies include massages with essential oils and Jacuzzi baths with herbal essences. The entertainment covers gala dinners, cocktails, and romantic candlelight dinners in the Eva Maria Faschauner room. What else to await? Silence and contemplation, the warmth of a crunching fire, delicious food and fine wines, an ancient farmhouse living room dating from the 16th century, and a year-round palm garden. The Alpenhof Hotel is a proud member of Austria Kuschelhotels, Austrian Hotelier Association, Austria Winter World, and Landidyll Hotels Osterreich.

These two unique hotels perfectly showcase the results of constant improvement and development in contemporary hospitality industry of Austria. Virtually, Austria has a great number of hotels that know the ropes of high quality service and ultra-advanced technologies to set the pace for the world hospitality industry.

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