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If you are going to travel to Argentina, you'll never miss the opportunity of visiting Buenos Aires. Although immigrants populated the City over many decades, Buenos Aires developed its own identity reflected in icons such as Tango and its slang, 'lunfardo'.

If you are going to travel to Argentina, you'll never miss the opportunity of visiting Buenos Aires. It is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in Latin America. Tourist infrastructure is highly developed here. Local and international tourist companies offer a great number of different Argentina tours and Buenos Aires is the main place of interest.

Buenos Aires is the capital of the Country. As such, is the center of the financial activity, as well as the most important cultural center in Argentina and the site where the Federal Government resides. People living here are known as 'portenos' for the importance The Port acquired in the development of both the City and the Country. Although immigrants populated the City over many decades, Buenos Aires developed its own identity reflected in icons such as Tango and its slang, 'lunfardo'. Three million people each day witness the relentless pace of a City that never sleeps. Things to do while in Buenos Aires.

There are Argentina tours for all interests and all tastes. For example, Day in a farm, Buenos Aires Art, Day of Tango or Dinner tango shows, Eva Peron tour, Delta or La Plata city Expedition and traditional Sightseeing City Tour.

It is hard to choose what to do while in Buenos Aires. The first idea is to spend time on Tango related activities, such as shows at night, classes, or sneaking into the many bars where thousands of locals of all ages practise the dance.

But you can enjoy much more things. Starts from museums and theaters to some of the best meals in the world, including the world reknown argentine beef. For addicts to urban culture City Tours and walks through parks and neighborhoods are the most suitable, and they also help to feel a taste of Buenos Aires.

For those who would like to know better what argentines are all about, staying at a vacation ranch is a must. To know the Gaucho is to know the argentinial local past. At a ranch, visitors will come into contact with local traditions such as barbecueing argentine's favorite meals, asados, as well as witness first hand one day in the life of Gauchos, watch their riding skills and spend time with the landowners in a friendly environment. Ranches have 'cascos' which are the central buildings of the 'estancia', where everything takes place. Most commercial ranches, the ones who allow visitors to stay for a fee, are located within 200 km of the city. It is highly recommended a visit to San Antonio de Areco, one of the oldest gaucho's settlements. Famous writer Ricardo Guiraldes used it as a model for his acclaimed 'gaucho' novel "Don Segundo Sombra". In its streets with both old and new buildings in the colonial style, visitor will find the magic and mixture of history, countrylife and the calm of a quiet small town. At the end of the tour all the visitors taste "pastelitos" (traditional argentinian sweet pie) and they don't forget to have a small sip at a Mate.

One of the very popular among women Argentina tours is the exclusive tour based on the personality of Evita. She was a woman who changed the history. Argentinian people think she is a national heroine. This tour is about the history and life of Evita. It includes visits to different places where work of this great lady was carried out: the CGT building (Labor General Confederation), Mayo Avenue, the famous balcony, the Labor Ministry, her mausoleum, Our Lady of Pilar Church, the National Library building and also visits of the Evita Museum: A place where our guides will make you feel, know and understand the life and work of one of the most important women of Argentina.

Among all Argentina tours the most widespread are tango tours. There are a unique tour with a splendid combination of places, experiences and feelings. The Tango is loved all over the world. And you, in Buenos Aires, have an advantage: here the tango was born, so here you can learn how to dance it. Tango lovers will know the Carlos Gardel' s life and visit typical tango places of Buenos Aires; and professional tango dancers will teach them how to dance tango in an exclusively tango class for our group. If you adore tango, as I do, you'll be on the cloud number nine with this tour.

Tour to La Plata, which is the capital city of Buenos Aires province, is full of architecture, culture, religion and natural science. La Plata is a paradigm of modern urban planification of the XIX century. The highlight of this tour is visiting the imposing Neogothic Cathedral. You will see the city diagonals, the Astronomical Observatory, the Argentinian Theatre, the Natural Science Museum, the most important in Argentina and Southamerica of its kind. It has a collection of above 2 million objects and specimens in the areas of Paleontology, Anthrophology, Geology, Botany and Zoology (didactical and educational museum of Argentinian historical species) from different climates and areas of Argentina (the sea, mountains and Patagonia region).
Still think that Argentina tours may be connected only with tango. Even in this case you should go and visit this country.

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