Antarctica cruise: a trip to a fairy-tale

Icy wind, fresh air and a lot of snow - is it exactly what you want? Such kind of climate is very romantic and sweet; in spite of intensely cold weather, your eyes will shine during all your rest there, your body full of health and beauty, if you decide to spend your holidays in Antarctica. This rather unexpected destination can bring you lots of bright memories and emotions. Just try it - and you will hardly ever regret.

Antarctica cruise is, perhaps, the most extreme kind of vacations, but it is really worth to see.  Perfectly white snow looking like the clouds sparks under the cold light of the sun, and you can't forget these pictures long after the end of your rest.  Such white colour of snow cannot be found anywhere else in our world.  Maybe, somewhere in the universe, on another planet, there is a place like Antarctica, but this idea evokes some doubts, because if you choose Antarctica cruise for your rest be sure that this place is really unforgettable and amazing and a place like this can hardly exist anywhere.

Besides excursions and ships activities, you can play snowballs with your kids or enjoy beautiful local landscapes - they are magnificent.  No matter your further location, the number of tourists who want to visit these places is steadily increasing, and in summer it runs up to 30 thousand people.  Antarctic cruises also attract attention of scientists and people who like such kind of climate and nature.  The number of scientists runs up to 5 thousand people in summer months.  That is the area where everything differs from our usual life.  December to March form summer in those lands, and it is very unusual for people who get into the way to think that summer is June, July and August.  But don't get surprised - it is only the South Pole.

Of course, the price for such trips is not small, but if you take to your attention how many imaginations and emotions you can get during the Antarctica cruise the price will seem a trifle.  The smallest sum you need is about 4 000 USD for a place in a twin cabin and a flight to the port of departure.  A reasonable price will be about 7 000 to 10 000 USD.  Certainly, the price depends on the time you are ready to spend onboard the cruise liner.  If you want just to have a good trip for your own soul 10 days will be enough; but if you want to study something or find some phenomenon or interesting story, you need a much bigger deal of time.

Your organism must be ready for vacations to this part of the planet, because the temperature in summer has amplitude from -10°C to +10°C.  Of course, if your country is located in the similar latitudes you don't need to be worry about your feelings - your organism will feel great.  In winter the temperature is about -90°C and this type of climate requires regular trainings and strong health. 
Summer days in Antarctica are very long and can last up to 20 hours.  You don't need to risk, so choose the period from December to March for vacations to avoid problems with weather and icebergs. 

If you have a trip in December you'll have a chance to see nice penguins and seabirds, spring wildflowers in the Falklands and South Georgia and even elephants!  The flora and fauna of the riverside are very interesting and attractive.  Perhaps, it is because of life conditions, but the fact is that in spite of little number of animal species, these are all very beautiful and unusual and will certainly stay in your memory for a long time.

Another question is what you want to see and where you want to go during your rest time.  You can choose some trips - for example, Antarctica cruise -  which start from the South American ports or from Australian ports.  For the Peninsula voyages people usually depart from Ushuaia in Argentine.  Such ports as Hobart (Australia), Auckland and Lyttelton-Christchurch (New Zealand) are also used for trips to the Ross region and Eastern Antarctica.

You don't need special documents to visit Antarctica, but if you travel through other countries some of them may require a visa from you.  If you want to tell your friends that you have been to Antarctica, you should see the Antarctic Peninsula, because it is one of the most splendid places of the region.  In general, such kind of vacations can be compared only to a fairy tale.  The only thing you need to prove is go for it.

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