Ancient Castles Edinburgh

Edinburgh, this charming and attractive city, started from a volcanic rock, forming today the base of the Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh early inhabitants began to build the first houses in front of the Edinburgh Castle, in the area which is called today the Lawnmarket. Over a thousand of years this "severe guard" of Edinburgh stands on the top of the famous Edinburgh rock and attracts over a million visitors annually.

There are not so many castles in Edinburgh, as, for instance, in Dublin. However, the city grew out from the volcanic rock that forms the base of the Edinburgh castle and the first settlements of Edinburgh were located in the area in front of the Edinburgh Castle. In any case, the castles Edinburgh, having survived until the present days, form a brilliant national heritage of the city and impress its visitors with spectacular views. Some of the castles edinburgh have been converted into fabulous hotels, serving its visitors with a comfortable accommodation and up-to-date facilities and amenities.

One of the castles Edinburgh transformed into a comfortable hotel  is Dalhousie castle Edinburgh, dating back to the 13th century, renovated in 1998. The Dalhousie Castle Hotel & Spa is located in the forest and parkland area next to the river. The hotel offers luxurious accommodations and fashionable comforts in peaceful and quiet surroundings, well going to walking and country sporting. Among a great amount of services, there are traditional Scottish banquets with castle dancing and the fascinating ceremony of the address to the Haggis, wedding ceremonies in the private castle chapel and the library, offering the unique experience of enjoying one of the finest books next to an open fire. Spa and massage facilities are prominent for their most up-to-date European equipment, including thermal and hydro spa and anatomically shaped airbed massage jets at various heights. The hotel's roman-style sauna is excellent with its Turkish steam bath, cold water hoses for cooling, tropical rain and a cold fog.     

A visit to Edinburgh will not be complete without a visit to the Edinburgh Castle. The Rock, on which Edinburgh castle stands, is about seventy million years old. The highest parts of the Edinburgh Castle have always inspired the visitors with the spectacular views of Edinburgh, such as the mountains of The Kingdom of Fife in the distance and famous Princes Street Gardens immediately below.. It is the "starting point" of the Edinburgh birth, to and out of which all the city roads lead. The area in front of the castle is known as the Lawnmarket, which is continued down by the High Street and The Cannongate towards the Royal Palace of Holyrood House.

These streets form a single street, the Royal Mile, which is entitled in this way, as it has agedly been the road for Scottish and English kings, queens and royalty to travel back and forth between the Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyrood House. There is much to see inside the castle. The historical apartments include the Great Hall, storing an interesting collection of weapons and armor. The Crown Room houses the ancient Honors of Scotland - the Crown, the Scepter and the Sword of State.  Approximately a million people visit the Edinburgh Castle annually. The castle is of such a great interest to the visitors not only for its history and royal experience, but also for the marvelous spectacular views of the city, situated between the sea and hills, opening from the heights of the castle.

A tour of the castles Edinburgh will be especially interesting for those, who have a keen interest in the Britain's history. The oldest building in all Edinburgh, St's Margaret's Chapel, stands here for more than nine hundred years, having survived all the sieges and attacks.

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