An Atlanta Vacation Offers History, Culture, Great Shopping and More

Located in the Southeastern United States, Atlanta is the largest city and the capital of the State of Georgia. The central area of the city is known as Downtown Atlanta, housing all the places of interest within the city, and coincidently all the places you'll want to visit during your Atlanta vacation. However, much of the city's sights can be found in Midtown Atlanta, located north of Downtown, as well as Suburban Atlanta and Outside Atlanta. So get a map of the area, a good pair of walking shoes then get ready for a fun and exciting Atlanta vacation!

With its numerous cultural and historical sights, Atlanta is a great place to visit. From sporting events and cultural attractions to the top restaurants and nightlife, the city offers you much an exciting cross-section of cosmopolitan living. Depending on your interests and abilities, you'll be offered a variety of options from a number of tourist companies, ensuring the best Atlanta vacation.

Those interested in the historic past of the city, are welcome to visit Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, comprising three main sites: the house, where the leader of the Civil Rights movement was born, the memorial, where he is buried, and the church, where he preached. Regarded as a major attraction of the city, the park is visited by more than 500,000 tourists annually.

When on an Atlanta vacation take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Atlanta History Center, tracing the history of the State of Georgia through decorative arts, artifacts and photographs. Covering nearly 28 acres of the Buckhead district, the Atlanta History Center comprises the Tullie Smith Farm, the Swan House, McElreath Hall, a museum and a variety of small gardens, featuring rare samples of flora. The museum showcases both rotating and permanent exhibitions, featuring various periods of the city's life.

An Atlanta vacation is frequently associated with family fun and why not -- one of the most popular attractions, seen as the tribute to the world famous drink, is the World of Coca-Cola, displaying an impressive collection of video presentations and hands-on exhibits as well as a number of flavors. In 1990 a museum devoted to the history of the most popular soft drink opened within the city, where tourists could see advertisements from the early XX century and the memorable commercials.

Transformed in the 1980s under the guidance of former director Tarry Maple, Zoo Atlanta is a popular destination of any Atlanta vacation. Currently the zoo is home to a great number of animals, including endangered species, like pandas and silverback gorillas. While visiting the zoo, you'll observe 360-degree paintings, known as Cycloramas.

For art and literature lovers, Atlanta is attractive due to its historical museums and libraries. What Atlanta vacation would be complete without a visit to the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum -- home to the literary masterpiece "Gone with the Wind". Visitors are offered a 90-minute tour, which gives information on the Pulitzer-winning book, its author and movie making. One of the greatest in size and significant history museums of the United States, the Fernbank Museum of Natural History features a number of fascinating exhibits and intriguing architecture. You'll be taken first to the "A Walk Through Time in Georgia" exhibition, which traces the ecological development of the state.

Meanwhile, Savannah tourism comprises a significant part of Georgia's travel industry. So if time permits, consider adding a Savannah vacation to your itinerary. Among the popular destinations of a Savannah vacation are the Riverwalk, Forsyth Park and Grayson Stadium. Though the city is not regarded as the outdoor adventure destination, tourists can experience biking, swimming and hiking in the area around the Skidaway Island Park. Savannah is also famous for its historic inns and five-star restaurants.

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