Amusing trivia of supermarket travel

On a vacation, you rarely think of visiting a supermarket, since travelers most often dine at a hotel or some other local restaurants, and there is almost no need to buy food. However, a supermarket is not only the best way to save your travel dollars, but also to appreciate the diversity of these exciting shopping facilities around the world. A today's supermarket is more like an amusement park with its designs, presentations and, certainly, discounts.

A supermarket travel is an opportunity to see the diversity and choices of food and food presentations around the world. Hence, whether you are in Great Britain, the USA or in any other country, drop in at least one supermarket to see the differences of store designs, new formats and presentations, emerging so fast that it is impossible to notice and keep in mind all the trends. As supermarkets today have a fast turnover of products from a retailer to a consumer, it often means that the food you buy here is fresh. Another advantage of a huge buying demand is that they offer exotic products, which you will never encounter at small shops. As a result, world supermarkets today have more product lines and more fresh products than ever.

A supermarket travel in the UK comes as an opportunity to save your travel money, when purchasing high quality food, drinks and beverages from top producers. One of the distinguished supermarket chains in the United Kingdom is Morrisons, as you can encounter more than three hundred and fifty large Morrisons stores throughout the UK. Thematically, Morrisons stores are based on an early 20th century street setting and their general format is known as Market Street. Traveling through Morrisons supermarkets, you will be impressed by these huge facilities, which have food and homewares, clothing sales and cafes, pie shops and even petrol stations.

Another renowned chain is Tesco, dedicated to help its customers save time and money, providing an enormous range of products. Each time visiting Tesco, customers find themselves surrounded by splendid, fresh, clean products from all over the globe that are displayed attractively and tended by the pleasant staff and polite management.

A supermarket travel throughout the USA is a way to observe and understand the US diverse and highly competitive supermarket industry. The main supermarket chains in the USA include Kroger, Albertson's Safeway, Winn Dixie and Ahold, whereas Kroger has over two thousand and four hundred super stores all around the country. The high competitiveness among the main chains makes the USA supermarket travel diversified, as if you explore the natural landscapes of Japan and Antarctica. Each store is distinguished in its character and style in order to attract the most number of customers. They offer inexpensive meals, beverages, telephone calls and even admission tickets to entertainment facilities. They present continental breakfasts, lunches and inexpensive souvenirs to keep you back.

There is an opinion that some great supermarkets are located in large cities of Brazil. Hence, if in Brazil, head for a supermarket travel to make sure. Supermarkets in Brazil are staffed by friendly people and are open long hours. The renowned Rio chain is Hortifrutti (with several locations); it provides wonderful and always fresh fruit and vegetables. Brazilian supermarkets also sell a variety of national products from their top producers, including drinks and pastes, soft and creamy cheeses, exquisite Brazilian sausages and salted meats.



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