Amsterdam tourism - architectural beauty and outstanding tourist sights

Amsterdam seems to get more popular with the passage of time. Paris may have its Eiffel Tower and Rome the Coliseum, but Amsterdam continues to attract visitors despite a lack of European flamboyance seen in other European cities. Yet everything a visitor could ant is there: colorful people and sights including world-famous museums and 18th-century gabled houses that line the waterways, and of course Amsterdam just wouldn't the city it is without it's canals and the red light district. There are even tourist information offices conveniently located in the center of town providing general Amsterdam tourism and tourist information.

Amsterdam has got to be one of Western Europe's most popular destinations. And why not? You can visit and pass your time doing everything from visiting a fine museum to smoking a joint and then topping it off with oral sex from one of the most attractive women you've ever seen. And it's all completely legal. Nowhere else where you find such a diverse selection of tourist attractions and things to do and see.

There are even tourist information offices conveniently located in the center of town providing general Amsterdam tourism and tourist information. Whatever you want to do you'll find a helping hand to lead you there or at least explain the directions.

In terms of square miles, Amsterdam is not a rambling metropolis on par with say -- Paris. But its relative flatness means the city can be covered easily on foot or bike. In fact, most tourists distinguish themselves by their cars. When it comes to Amsterdam tourism, the locals know traffic is a problem and simply choose other modes of transportation more in tune with the crowds.

Visitors to this not-so-out-of-the-way oasis will find that there is a healthy offering of hotels and motels and motels to suite every taste and budget. No matter you're staying in the city center you don't have to worry. Chances are you will be in close proximity to the most popular sights.
You can even find a great room and a gorgeous woman for those visitors that seek them out. The red-light district may be legendary but it spreads its arms throughout the city proper. Such are the benefits of Amsterdam tourism.
Canals run like arteries through the city and highlight Amsterdam with a criss-cross of currents and winding, picturesque streets. Smart travelers know the best way to discover Amsterdam is by water. You can discover the city on a Canal Bike, or hop on a Canal Bus. Historical Amsterdam shares street space with contemporary art galleries and street markets. Amsterdam is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but is also popular because of its "soft drug" laws. Amsterdam coffee houses serve a lot more than coffee. More often than not, a quick espresso and a had-rolled joint make for "the meal of the day."

Amsterdam tourism embraces all the good qualities of a bustling cosmopolitan city, and benefits from being Europe's fourth most important tourist centre. Only Paris, London and Rome enjoy more visitors each year. Still, Amsterdam saw over two million foreign visitors pass through its gates in 2005 as well as a similar number of Dutch. The majority of visitors to Amsterdam come to enjoy all of that architectural beauty and outstanding cultural pursuits including museums, monuments and art galleries.

The city is also an important venue for global business, conferences and conventions. Over 16,000 businesses have made Amsterdam their base of operations. A good call, as Amsterdam is also home to a number of insurance companies, major banks, motor trade corporations and diamond processing firms.

Amsterdam is the Dutch capital, yet it is not where the majority of political matters take place. Still, it is the conduit of the Amsterdam tourism industry -- offering visitors a modern metropolis with the advantage of being right around the corner to from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport., making your next departure a breeze. Plus, a state-of-the-art rail and road system provides positive opportunities for the growth of Amsterdam tourism. And an added bonus is that Amsterdam's Central Station (housing the train and bus station) is easily reached and provides connections to virtually every other country of note in Europe.

When you make your travel plans to Amsterdam, take your pick. The country is easily reached by train or plane. It boasts a major port that is frequented by ocean liners. So what are you waiting for? Book yourself any number of Amsterdam vacation packages today! The internet offers a wide selection of inexpensive tours and booking solutions regarding Amsterdam tourism as well as suggestions on Amsterdam hotels, tours, car rentals, rail tickets and youth travel passes.

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