A Las Vegas vacation of your dream

Known as "the capital of entertainment", Las Vegas is the great place to go on vacation. Every year new mega-resorts, hotels, casinos and theme parks are being built, so your favorite city is never the same! Even if you are not much of a gambler, a Las Vegas vacation is going to be a vacation of your dream. You will feel the allure of world famous casinos and most luxury illustrious hotels.

So you are going on a Las Vegas vacation? A new exciting world is waiting for you. Las Vegas has 18 of the largest 21 hotels in the world and walking down 'The Strip' you will see the skylines of New York and Paris, discover the canals of Venice and the Pyramids of Egypt and, at Treasure Island, see a full on-sea battle between a Pirate ship and a British Galleon. Most Las Vegas hotels are situated in two areas: downtown and on Las Vegas Boulevard, known as the Strip. Each hotel on the Strip is a vacation destination in itself, with a casino, restaurants, pools, spas, landscaped grounds, and even golf courses. The downtown hotels and casinos are often characterized as older and smaller than those on the Strip, but they are all alluring!

A Las Vegas vacation is not cheap, but some hotels can be considered budget on a relative scale. Typically their rates can be as low as $50 per night. Budget Las Vegas hotels are the Aladdin Hotel, Bally's Hotel and Casino, The Flamingo Hotel and Casino, The New York/New York Hotel and Casino, Harrah's Hotel and Casino, The Luxor Hotel and Casino, The Tropicana Hotel and Casino.

The Luxor is themed on ancient Egypt and is one of the most prominent sights on the Strip. It is a massive black-glass pyramid containing 36 floors of hotel rooms, with a powerful light beam shining through it up into the night sky. The ground floor of the hotel is given over to a massive casino, which stands beneath a recreation of Tutankhamun's Tomb.

The New York/New York Hotel and Casino is also a themed hotel that features New York sights and sky-scrapers: Empire State Building, Crisler Building, etc. It is a city within a hotel. The enterior design perfectly transfers the atmosphere of New York streets.

If you have come on a romantic Las Vegas vacation, you may consider staying at one of the luxury hotels in Las Vegas. The Bellagio is one of Las Vegas' most opulent hotels and most popular casinos. With an Italian theme, the great bulk of the Bellagio sits in its own vast garden. It has over 3,000 rooms and hundreds of slot machines and gaming tables, however its best-known attraction is its amazing water show - a breathtaking union of water, music and light. The hotel boasts a magnificent garden abounding in fragrance, texture and colour and also has a new fine arts gallery that hosts contemporary art exhibits.

Another romantic resort is Wynn Las Vegas, a 42-storey hotel that holds more than 2,700 guest rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. The centerpiece of Wynn Las Vegas megaresort is a 150-foot-tall mountain with a five-story waterfall that cascades into a three-acre, man-made lake. Wynn Las Vegas also has an 18-hole championship golf course. Inside the hotel you will see priceless artworks by Picasso, Renoir, Cezanne, and Van Gogh.

 In case you are not fond of casinos, Las Vegas has a non-gaming resort - the Four Seasons Las Vegas, a gemlike oasis of elegance, comfort, luxury, and seclusion. The views from the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Las Vegas Strip will make you feel on top of the world. It is a tranquil retreat from the bustling city.

 Las Vegas is a place for anyone. This cosmopolitan city is conveniently situated that it can be easily reached from anywhere in the world. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport provides commercial flights to Las Vegas and also serves private aircraft, domestic and international passenger flights, and freight/cargo flights. The airport is located less than a mile from the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas is waiting for you. A Las Vegas vacation is a good way to relax, to have fun, to embark on new adventures and to get new exciting experience. Although the principal attraction is still gambling, Las Vegas is now marketed as a family destination and there is no shortage of theme parks, shopping malls or golf courses. It is also an exciting place to get married or to go on honeymoon.

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