A good babysitter ? a happy child

Children are used to cause their parents lots of problems, even though sometimes they don't really want too. A loving parent has a permanent headache: what are the kids doing at the moment, haven't they gone naughty again or haven't they started one of their games always ending with scratches and bruises? There's one chance not to worry about that - to have someone supervising your kids while you're away. A babysitter.

Among all the childcare jobs a babysitter is one the most popular and most common. It's quite a usual thing - parents leaving their kids with sitters. Some do it from day to day all the work week, others do it more casually when they need for example to stay out late, take business trip and in so on.

But the point that many people are employing babysitters doesn't change one thing - it's always a problem to find one you can truly rely on, one you can trust leaving alone with your kids in your house, one that you know is gonna be enough attentive, caring, responsible.

The best variant is to hire as a sitter someone you know for a good deal of time. It would better be a friend or a relative. But still even hiring someone you know well stay make sure that he/she's not only a good friend but a good babysitter. The beat variant would be those who have children or have had experience dealing with the kid.

Very often teenagers take a part time job of a babysitter to earn their first money. They can be your friends' children, or a neighbourhood boy/girl. Make sure that they responsible and mature enough and old enough to handle baby caring.

No matter how qualified or how experienced a babysitter is - first of all you and your children should like. Before hiring one, have a talk with him/her, make an opinion, discuss the details, check what is that person like, then introduce a sitter to the children, watch their reaction, listen to what they say after. Don't just place your kids in frond of a fact that "mommy needs to run and meet your nanny!". At first the reaction may be negative just because children would like to stay with their parents - not with someone they see for the first time. But if the reaction stays same negative after - this may mean that a sitter can't find contact with the children, and you should probably seek for another one.

Before leaving give to a sitter the full information about a baby, his/her schedule, habits, likes/dislikes, preferences, allergies, medical prescriptions, peculiarities and everything else a nanny might need to know. Next thing you need to do is to leave all the contact information and emergency case information - your full name, your location, phone numbers of the place you're gonna be, phone number and address of your house, emergency phone numbers; inform a sitter when you gonna be back, make sure that time is okay for your sitter.

After all w hat are the sitters duties? A babysitters number one duty - to keep eye on a baby permanently. So sitters feed, bathe, dress kids, watch them play safely, put them to bed on time. Children exploring the world around, especially little children often hurt themselves if not supervised properly. Even when a baby is asleep a sitter should check him/her every fifteen minutes. A kitchen and a bathroom are the places of a special risk - there a sitter should keep them in sight literally all the time.

A job in childcare is a job of a very high responsibility and patience - this should remember everyone who thinks that it's no big deal that to feed a baby and put a child to bed. In fact very few are truly capable of being good babysitters.

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