Advantages of Peacock Tanning Booths

The social desirability of a tan is a modern phenomenon, beginning in the 1920s when the French designer Coco Chanel decreed it as a fashion look. The concept of obtaining a tan without going outdoors became increasingly attractive. However, early indoor tanning units emitted the most damaging portions of the ultraviolet spectrum, UVC and UVB, and were plagued by safety problems.

In the 1970s, medical devices that emit principally UVA were developed and quickly adopted for modern indoor tanning. It soon became apparent that UVA exposure could cause the same problems as UVB, namely sunburns, wrinkles (photoaging), and skin cancer. The UVA-emitting devices also were not very effective at inducing a tan. The next step was the development of indoor tanning devices that contain a mixture of UVA and UVB, simulating the mixture found in the sun. These are the ones in use today. Today, all sun-beds and peacock booths used in salons are regulated by the F.D.A as Class II Medical Devices. This means you only get a standardized amount of UV exposure with a mixture of both UVB and UVA rays designed to minimize burning. In peacock booths it is the ultraviolet (UV) light bulbs emitting UV radiation that causes the tanning. This, essentially, is artificially produced UV light similar to that coming from the sun.
Peacock tanning company mission (as they themselves state) is to provide the best ultraviolet system available anywhere and at any price.  At the same time maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship is what the peacock tannining company proud of.  Their customers and dealers are treated perfectly with  Honesty, Integrity, Quality Products, and Superior Support, which are the cornerstone of  peacock company business philosophy.
The main draw of the peacock tanning company is their stand up tanning booths with advanced design, construction, and solid-state electronics. These peacock beds fit twice as many tanning booth systems in the same space needed by traditional tanning beds! Any  Peacock stand up tanning bed (including the optional dressing room) requires less than half the floor space of other tanning beds. The Peacock tanning booth system offer an even clean tan in sessions of 10 to 15 minutes. Because people do not come in contact with the tanning surface, there is no between-session cleanup or maintenance. Shorter tanning booth sessions and little to no cleanup means you can offer your customers more tans per hour at the most competitive rates. More tans per hour, per day, per week, per month and per year adds up to greater profits for customers. Because of the patented Peacock design and state of the art technology, tanning sessions are only 9 to 15 minutes, and use fewer bulbs! Peacock tanning company supply replacement tanning bed bulbs for business needs, salon software to manage your customer appointments, and free technical support.  Peacock company even carries neon tanning signs and posters to help promote your business. As for the peacock systems, they have a wide selection of eye goggles, body stickers and professional tanning lotions too. so the service at peacock is on the highest level, including both the staff and the quality of the tanning booths. so, there is no wonder peacock booths are so widely-spread and popular both among common customers and tanning manufactureres. Peacock rules on the market so other indoor tanning beds can't compare.


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