Terms of use

Date of Last Revision: February 02, 2008.

Please read this important information before registering on our web site and using our services. As a condition of becoming a SYL.com user, you must accept these terms and conditions entirely. By using any of our free services you agree to be bound by all our terms and conditions.

1. Chapter One

SYL.com operates a social network for communicating, meeting people online, making friends, flirting, and dating. The services are mostly free, available at all times to those who register on our web site, fill in the required information and confirm the profile creation.

To use SYL.com services, you must be 18 years old or older. You are responsible for all information and materials you choose to publish on our web site. You are solely responsible for using SYL.com services in full accordance with the laws that govern your local area.

Under no circumstances can you post your contact information in your profile on our web site. You are not allowed to publish your email address, postal address, phone number and any other information for direct personal contact.

Users are prohibited to use SYL.com web site or/and its services to promote and sell goods and services, advertising or publishing promotional materials, and promoting other web resources.

2. Chapter Two

Users are not allowed to publish any obscenities, discriminative statements, insults, pornographic materials and other materials which offend human dignity in any way. SYL.com retains the right to edit, modify or delete any of statements published on the web site by users if they do not comply with the conditions of this agreement and/or damage the interests of SYL.com or any third parties. SYL.com also retains the right to use all materials published on our web site by users for promotional and advertising purposes.

By no means should users harass, insult, mislead or offend other users in any way.

We are committed to provide the best services possible; however, SYL.com cannot and does not guarantee that all web servers will work flawlessly and the services will be uninterrupted at all times. The problems are possible because successful running of all our services depends on many circumstances beyond our control. Under no circumstances shall SYL.com be liable for any intentional, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business time, business profits, or any other kind of loss) arising out of the use of, or inability to use any and all of services provided by SYL.com.

You are responsible for ensuring that all use of our services under your profile complies with these terms and conditions. You are also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password.

SYL.com takes no obligations whatsoever regarding the terms of e-mail support service. We are not responsible for any letters sent to our support email addresses that can be lost due to server failures or for any other reason, or regarded as spam by spam filters. We cannot guarantee that you will receive our reply promptly or receive it at all because it has to do with many circumstances beyond our control.

SYL.com retains the right to send email messages to all of its users at any time as well as email invitations to user contacts unless users specifically expressed their desire not be sent any messages under any circumstances. Such email messages to SYL.com users and their contacts are not to be regarded as unsolicited mails.