Wife as a social status

When a woman receives a social status of wife, she is meant to have new family responsibilities, new relatives, to become mother sooner or later. Nowadays, we have a tolerable attitude to marriage name change. It is not obligatory, and a woman has the right to leave her maiden?s name or to change it for husband?s.
The idea of good wife has changed. A wife is not supposed to cook all days long and sit with kids. Semi-finished products are available at supermarkets, and dinners in restaurants are affordable. Good baby-sitters care about kids, not worse than mothers. The problem most wives come across is lack of time they can spend with their families, as they earn money equal to husbands and carve out careers.

Wives ask how to build relationships with their husbands. What does a husband expect from his wife?

Make compliments to your husband! You will ask: ?How and what for?? It is not very complicated. Just look closely at your husband.

His hobbies. Express your interest in what he is fond of and what he is proud of. It may be sport, hobbies, or work. Ask him questions to know more about him. Watch a football game on TV with him. He will tell you a lot about football players, teams and fans. Be a fan at least once a week and be sincere! Do not pretend to be interested in his hobbies just to please him.

Humor. Laugh at his jokes. Do not be shy, laugh when his stories seem funny to you. If he understands that you are able to evaluate his sense of humor, he will evaluate yours.

His attitude towards you. Appreciate what he does for you. He invites you to a restaurant, tell him that the dishes are delicious, the restaurant is marvelous, and you like this evening. Say that it is a pleasure for you to spend time with him. Even the evening has not been not great, outline what you have liked, tell him that you appreciate all his efforts to make the rendezvous enjoyable for you. You will produce the impression of an optimist. Positive people attract others, there is no reason to deny it.

Skilful fingers. Make compliments for the domestic work he has managed to perform. Has he repaired the tap? Does he usually deal with minor problems with the car? Tell him that he is a good guy, and what you have really liked about him.

Distinguishing features. Admire your husband! Every man has something that is worth admiration. Try to find such features in your husband and show your admiration to him. You will probably discover that he is the best manager or the most talented actor. Make compliments for his excellent brains, romanticism, amicability, etc.

Sex. Make compliments for his sexuality. The necessity for a man to take compliments from his darling one is widely known. Unfortunately, most of women are shy to make compliments to their partners and husbands. They do not even suspect that such compliments redouble man's self-appraisal and positive influence on his emotional state.

His appearance. Tell him that he looks handsome. What do you like most about him? Tell him about it, e.g. his friendly smile, strong legs, the color of his eyes, or strong muscles.

Start making compliments to him right away, and you will see what a magic force they have. Your husband will be more attentive to you and the award ?You are the best wife in the world!? will be yours!

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