Meeting in person

Meeting in person is what this all ? posting a profile on the web-personals site, then exchanging e-mails, and communicating over the phone - was about. After you have passed all these stages it?s time for you to become more that just a username, typed words and a voice.

It is time to become flesh and blood. It's time to meet in person. Are you scared? Do not, you are not meeting a dentist (unless you managed to hook one for the date, but you are not dating at her/his working place, are you? That would be very extravagant.)

The main issue is safety here, and it more pertains to women that to men. So, guys, listen up. A woman should feel safe and comfortable at the meeting. She might even prefer to fix a date in the daytime, rather than a t night. But that depends on your schedule, of course. You, guys, will also have to get used to the thought that the first date will pass in a public place with many people. A quiet cozy site is will not cut it.

The main thing, hold your horses, guys. It is only the first time you are meeting (do not make it the last one, unless you have met a witch). Hold the temptation to smooch, all you can afford is a peck when parting.

You are having a personals dating because you think you former addressee is someone you would like to get to know and he or she seems interesting. You are certain of neither. The assumption is based on some e-mails and phone conversations.

If personals dating comes out to be that fascinating as the e-mailing was, there is no cause for worry. Not to be disappointed prepare for the worse from the beginning. If things go wrong ? you are already prepared for this, if not ? relax and have a good time.

Your first date should not be long (unless you both want it to be). An hour is quite enough to determine if someone is worth seeing again (you can only hope that hour doesn't seem an eternity).

To avoid a long date (again, in the case one finds the other a bore) do not meet for dinner or lunch. If your date is a dud and doesn't talk much you are doomed to sit and fake laughs at stupid jokes. If you are more lucky (mutual liking is not considered here) you will have to act as if you are really interested in what someone has to say during the two trying (hurrah, only one) dinner hours.

You can meet in some cafe and chat over a few drinks or coffee. The best thing about drinks and coffee is that you do not have to spend hours to complete the date. If the date goes well you can order something to eat right where you are or grab something to eat somewhere else.

You are having a date to learn more about the person. That presupposes a conversation. That is why it is better not to meet in a club (you will be deafened by the music and end up in shouting in each others ears). Also do not choose a place that is your usual haunt. You will find yourself talking more with your acquaintances than to your date. This state of things might upset or annoy the person you are dating with. After all, he/she has come to chat with you and not listen to you chatting with others.

Here comes a tip for women. Dear ladies, if you are for some reason afraid to date, do not bring a gaggle of friends with you. It is enough just to let someone you trust know where, when and with whom you are dating. This person might simply give you one or two phone calls to be sure you are safe. If you feel like leaving and do not know how to do so without being rude, apologize, say you need to go to the lady's room and call your friend to ask him come to the place. When he comes, play the innocent, ?Oh, my, what are you doing here? Either, ask him to call and then act as if this was a very important call and you unfortunately have to leave.

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