Flower market variety

It is universally acknowledged that flowers make an appropriate gift for almost any occasion. Exquisite orchids, classical roses, romantic daisies... The options are endless. Today's market offers a wide variety of ways to buy flowers depending on your needs, budget, and creativity.

Full Service Retail Florists  - sell flowers, plants, flower-related products and also provide consulting. Local retail florist is a convenient source for flowers at a reasonable price when you have time to stop by and select a bouquet. Usually one can also order flowers over the phone and have them delivered locally. 

Limited Service Flower Shop ? designed for impulsive buying and offers a narrow range of services and products. The shops of this type are usually located in grocery stores and are suitable, if you need to buy cheap flowers or last minute gifts.

Flower and Plant Shops, Nursery Shops - sell a wide variety of bouquets, bunches, freshly cut and potted flowers and plants. You might spend hours here, selecting a flowering plant for a new home, a bouquet for a Valentine's Day's present, or a planting basket to say "thank you".

Postal Companies, Mail order, Internet - deliver bouquets and gift sets by mail or courier. It's a fast and economical way to order flowers and deliver them worldwide, especially convenient for long-distance deliveries. Make sure you checked delivery charges, methods, and times before ordering flowers as conditions may vary.

Contract Designers - work to contract only, from a single bouquet to an entire event, such as wedding or birthday party. It's a more expensive way to order flowers for a special occasion.

Specialty Flower Shop - specializes in one aspect of floristry, such as dried flower designs or wedding flowers. Prices may vary. Specialty shops should be checked if you are looking for an original preset or a unique wedding bouquet.

Wholesale Flower Markets ? sell flowers to florists and retailers at wholesale prices. Wholesale markets are a good place to buy discount flowers. Usually open to general public at certain hours.

Farmer's Markets ? sell fresh-cut flowers, as well as fruits and vegetables. Farmers markets are excellent source to buy cheap flowers, especially when you buy directly from the grower.

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