Flower bouquet & arrangement

There is a saying that flowers are the "artwork of angels." When giving flower bouquets, we express our feelings and also demonstrate our taste. While choosing flowers, try to think what kind of person you are giving them to ? wistful or bubbly, modern or conservative, what his/her favorite color is, where he/she lives, and whether your flower bouquet will match well his/her personality and home interior.

The flowers have their etiquette, which dictates certain rules to be taken into consideration when giving a gift of flowers. The rules may vary from country to country, reflecting traditions and history.

In England, a flower bouquet of pansies or forget-me-nots is a traditional wedding bouquet, while in other European countries bride and groom receive floral arrangements in the same color spectrum, or a bouquet composed of seven colors. In Egypt, baskets of flowers are given for a wedding. In Japan a traditional man's bouquet is made of hydrangeas, while women usually receive azaleas. A legend has it that a tulip opened up to a child's laughter, therefore it should be given on happy occasions.

Small flower bouquets of violets or mimosa are a good present for children. Pink roses in buds should be offered to young girls. Carnations are more suitable for older people. Roses, chrysanthemums, or carnations on longs stems should be given to a man. Large and impressive bouquets of roses, lilacs, gladioluses or exquisite orchids would blend well with the atmosphere of receptions and anniversaries. If you are visiting a friend in a hospital, make sure the flowers? fragrance is not too strong. Funeral flower bouquets are usually made of dark flowers ? gladioluses, roses, and dahlias.

Pay attention to the choice of the color in your floral arrangements, as colors have their own symbology. The red means passion, yellow is a symbol of treason, white is usually a color for weddings or religious events. Blue means loyalty, green stands for hope, orange is a symbol of pride and flirting.

An only flower is generally suitable for your beloved as a symbol of love. If you are a giving a big flower bouquet, it usually doesn't matter how many flowers there are, as it's hard to count. If you are offering a bunch of flowers of the same kind, you?d better pick an odd number.

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