Blind date

In the whirlwind of our busy life when we have no time to stop and look around, blind dates become more and more popular. If your friends want to set you up for a blind date, think it over. Find out why this person is right for you in your friends' eyes. Take the risk. You don't have much to lose.

You can also be proactive and ask your friends, neighbors, or coworkers for a setup. Make new friends. They'll know people and they may lead you to the love of your life. Ask your married friends for setups. Most people love to play Cupid and will be flattered by your request.

You can also try to kill two birds with one stone by hiring single professionals when you need a certain service.

- Hire a single fitness trainer. You can improve your body and your love life at the same time.

- Hire a single financial planner. Get them to look over your portfolio over coffee. Flirt.

- Do your banking with a single banker.

- Renovate your home. Make sure the interior designer or architect you deal with is single.

- Become friends with a divorce attorney. He may introduce you to some of his former clients.

If you decide to accept a blind date, play it safe and meet in a public place. If you feel uneasy, bring a friend.

For safety reasons, carry a cell phone. Let your friends know where you are.

Plan for the date is to be short. Meet for a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning. If you like each other you can always extend the date.  

Do your homework and find out as much as you can about your blind date, so that you will find some topics to talk about. Don't be afraid of awkward moments and bring your sense of adventure.

Don't reveal too many personal facts of your life during the first date. You have to get to know the person better and trust him/her before you do it. Too much personal information might scare your date away. Keep it easy and casual.

Don't talk about problems. Your date does not need to know that you have just lost your job or your mother is sick 

Don't brag. Even if you have won a beauty pageant or a Nobel Prize, you don't have to turn your first date into the announcement of your achievements.

If you liked the person, don't be afraid to show it. Look into your date's eyes. Not many people can do it nowadays. Some are scared of the emotional contact. If you look into the eyes without hiding your admiration, your openness will not come unnoticed. Flirt. Improvise. Be yourself.

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