Birthday party

It???s such a pity that birthday is only one day in a year. It???s our personal day when all the friends and relatives call and congratulate us on it, also we receive lots of presents some of which are very nice and even necessary

It's such a pity that birthday is only one day in a year. It's our personal day when all the friends and relatives call and congratulate us on it, also we receive lots of presents some of which are very nice and even necessary. Do you remember how you've been waiting fir a birthday in your childhood? You were anticipating it so,  you were wondering what your parents were going to give you as a present and would it be exactly what you were seeing in your dreams. The years were passing, your were getting older and probably even crazy high school and college parties are left behind. Now you are used to say that you'd rather celebrate a birthday with the family and a few closest friends.

Maybe once you will find out that you don't won't to celebrate it all and would rather stay alone thinking of the meaning of life that passes so quickly.

Well let's stop counting the years and remember that birthday still stays your day and that you have all rights to make a remarkable holiday of it.

Number one variant. A home party. Well that a traditional one and if you have a big house, lots of friends, relatives and other people you would like to invite and a great organization talents that is definitely yours variant. But remember that most of the time you'll be running around the house from the kitchen to the door and back to the kitchen. Of course you can buy all the food at the restaurant, ask your best friend, mother or spouse to help you, hide all the fragile things from the surface. But still as it shows the experience the greater the party the greater the damage. Mind that after your birthday party is over the first thing you'll have to do ' no, all the presents will stay packed for a while ' you'll prosaically have to wash the dishes, clean carpets and through away spoilt table clothes.

Another variant ' going out to celebrate your birthday. Restaurants for the  elderly people, cafes, bowling-centers, night clubs ' for the youth. All these types of birthday party are facing only one problem ' the problem of money. The more you pay the more you get. Another problem is regulating the money questions with your guests. If you pay ' then no question. If everyone pays for oneself than the sums should be discussed beforehand.

There's also a country birthday party variant. In case if you are a summer or spring born person it can be some kind of a picnic. In all cases you may rent a country cottage for a weekend and offer your guest a bid open-doors activities program. But that will cost you a deal of money.

One more variant to celebrate a birthday is to take a couple of friend and do something you've been dreaming to do for a while. For example you've always dreamed to try yourself in parachute jumping, or diving, or horse riding. Afterwards you may go to some cafe and share the impressions. Or have a birthday party at your place if you would have any desire to. Good or bad, such a birthday you won't ever forget.

One more really great and memorable variant of celebrating a birthday ' while travelling. Just imagine a beach birthday party or a birthday in Paris. No minuses, only pluses. You may either arrange a party for your friends after your return. By the way there's no need to gather all the people you'd like to see at your birthday all at once. Make a few smaller parties for different groups of people ' one for the relatives, another for colleagues, one more for the close friends and etc. Choose the right time and place for every group of people. For example you can be sure that your parents won't ruin your apartment while congratulating you.

Still the most exotic variant of a birthday ' is a birthday spent alone, probably at your favorite places and doing your favorite things but without any company. Some people really turn to this variant. It's all up to you.

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