Nissan Micra 1 0 And Nissan Micra 12 - The First And The Last Of A Series Of Splendid Vehicles

The Nissan micra 1 0 has been given many life time changes thanks to the people at Nissan. The changes have been good and mostly well received by the public. The Nissan Micra cars have never been very powerful with most of them only having a 1.2 liter engine. Some of the slightly older models only had a 1.0 liter engine. Not enough to speed down a road but then again why would you need to do that? You only run the risk of wrecking your beautiful Nissan Micra.
The Nissan Micra 1 0 has come in front of the public in October 1982. It was launched the first of its kind in the line of Micra vehicles. A beautiful piece of work, the Nissan micra 1 0 was immediately lapped by the population and its launch was recognized as a grand success. The Nissan Micra 1 0 had two major facelifts, one in June 1985 when its aluminum engine was upgraded, and the second time was in March 1989. With the second facelift the car also received minor interior up-gradations. The most noteworthy addition was however, the carburetor which was now electronically controlled. As beautification, it had deeper and better looking bumpers, as well as rounder headlights and changed front grill. The engine of the Nissan Micra 1 0 featured a capacity of 1.2 liters with all aluminum components with 6400 rpm. If that was not enough the car also came with a choice of having either 5-speed manual transmission gears or a three-speed automatic gear transmission - both of which actually were excellent choices.

This car, as the records show, was one of the fastest produced vehicles at that time. It could reach 100 miles from zero in just flat 7.7 seconds. When it ran a test on factory conditions, it recorded 15.5 seconds for competing a quarter mile - which at that time was unbelievable.

The Nissan Micra 1 0 underwent a number of changes particularly on the chassis in the following years. The most popular outcome from among all the changes that were launched was the Figaro model which had a canvas top. It was so well received by the public that in order to be able to make justice to the demand, this vehicle was sold on lottery basis, i.e. lots were drawn to find out who can buy the vehicle.

In the meantime, in 1992 K11 was launched and that was a success also. I will not dwell too much on this as I want to draw your attention to the Nissan Micra 1 2 - the last of the series. This vehicle was launched in 2002 - at a gap of 10 years. Each of the new models of Nissan in this line, was launched at a gap of 10 years.

The Nissan Micra 1 2 not only was a breathtaking vehicle in looks - it has some outstanding features as well. This vehicle, being an improvement upon both the previous models hit the market with a vengeance. With a choice of an engine of 1.4 and 1.6 l, it had an electronic folding glass roof which could stop one dead in his tracks.

With time and a few changes here and there the Nissan Micra 1 2 has seen many clones on the road. But none of them would be just as majestic as the first one. Some of the clones like Micra R and 12SR are real beauties with enhanced road performance as well - however not one of them can really replace that original last model.

Nissan is always making these types of cars and they will continue to do so for many more years. If it brings in the cash then they will keep on doing it. Some of their models have been total failures but then they always come back and stun everyone with a vehicle that then sells before it even arrives in the showrooms. The Nissan Micra has seen many changes in its lifetime and they should all be celebrated. Especially if you have ever owned a Nissan Micra because without some of these other models of the Micra you might not have got the Micra that you once had.
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