Lamborghini Sports Cars Are Still The Top Of The Heap

Over the past years, Lamborghini sports cars have been one of the most highly sought after exotics in the world. With rather shaky beginnings, Lamborghini went to the drawing board and began bringing new age cars to a market that was in desperate need of something fresh. Hoping to appeal to a wider and hence fresher crowd, Lamborghini rolled out such classics as the Countach and Diablo and took the exotics world by storm.
When speaking of the top sports cars in the world one name always comes up, Lamborghini Sports cars. Though they are well out of range for the average sports car enthusiast's budget, the Lamborghini sports car is a long coveted automobile of superior quality, speed and style. Featured in countless movies Lamborghini sports cars set the bar high when it comes to desirability.

One of the earlier Lamborghini sports cars, the 350GT set the standard for lightweight body styles in the 1960's. With horsepower in the two hundred seventy range, the 350GT is powerful and sporty. Sadly only one hundred twenty 350 GT Lamborghini sports car models were ever built, the last four in 1967.

The 400GT Islero Lamborghini sports car was named after a bull that killed matador Manuel Rodriguez. The 400GT kept most of the design found on its predecessor the 400 2+2, but still featured some nice improvements.

The first of Lamborghini sports cars to take on a radical new space like appearance was the P400 Miura. Manufactured in the late 1960's, the Miura was a new concept in cars. Featuring a V12 engine, the Miura was light and fast. Introduced at the 1966 Geneva auto show, the car was an instant hit.

At the 1967 Marzal auto show, Lamborghini sports cars unveiled the Espada S1. While popular at the show, the car was strange looking with a long body and rounded form. Packed with a V12, the Espada S1 was produced for a short period though several improvements were made to make it more practical.

Rolling the Jamara Lamborghini sports car out at the 1970 Geneva motor show was not the brightest idea at the time. Going a completely different direction that in previous years, the Jamara was squared and boxy looking. Less than 400 of the model were ever produced.

Getting back to what they were good at, Lamborghini sports cars returned to the futuristic design that had made them a hit and brought out the Urraco in 1973. Designed to be a more affordable exotic, the Urraco housed a V8 engine and side mounted transmission. Over 800 were produced of this model.

In 1971 Lamborghini struck a chord that would carry for years with the Countach. A completely new body design with doors that opened up instead of out, and a V12 engine powered by six carburetors and four overhead camshafts, and blazing speeds, the Countach was a hit and continued to be for more than sixteen years.

Trying to follow the success of the Countach was no easy task. In 1992, Lamborghini sports cars rolled out the Diablo to salivating consumers around the world. Touted as the fastest production car in the world, the Diablo GT was limited to 80 produced. Lamborghini had found its Countach follower and made sure it won.

In the world of exotics, Lamborghini sports cars reign supreme. Though it took a while to get there, Lamborghini proves every year why it is the number one exotics producer in the entire world. All of this is easily proven by looking at the prices paid for a Lamborghini on any given day and the level of excitement in consumers whenever Lamborghini rolls out a new model.
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