Insweb Corporation - The Reliable Online Insurance Marketplace

The Insweb Corporation offer a user friendly, virtual environment where visitors can quickly receive quotes for a variety of insurance products. Whether you're interested in auto, life, health or home insurance Insweb Corporation can help you choose what's right for you quickly, simply and securely. Devoid of pressure the Insweb Corporation virtual environment hands you the control to find the insurance products you need. Take control of your insurance today with a visit to Insweb Corporation.
When you want insurance you need to know that the money you pay annually ensures that the kind of cover you thought you were paying for is there. Insweb information usefully identifies insurance products pertinent to your requirements and budget. Insweb Corporation manages a virtual insurance market place at which consumers can compare and select suitable insurance for automobiles, term life, renters and individual health. With the aid of useful pop-up boxes and live online support, consumers are easily guided through the process. Ins Web represents a seriously powerful option for consumers seeking a single site with immediate comparison quotes from multiple providers offering a broad range of insurance products. Insweb Corporation has provided consumers with a mechanism to do their insurance shopping easily and effectively, saving both time and money. Instead of looking through the yellow pages at car insurance companies visit Insweb Corporation and resolve your insurance dilemma once and for all.

Using the virtual environment of the InsWeb Corporation you will discover a no fuss, no bother and no pressure approach to the business of providing insurance cover. You are always 100% in control of the search to find the right insurance protection for you. In addition you will discover that the Insweb Corporation offer unique insurance policies related to condominiums, motorcycles, ATVs and RVs as well as automobile, life and real estate. In addition Insweb information includes the opportunity to compare the rates from multiple insurers in order that you find the best policy for you.

Through its alliances with more than 40 insurance companies including Northwestern Mutual Life and Liberty Mutual, Insweb Corporation is able to provide quotes at no charge to the consumer. After a consumer makes their selection an Insweb Corporate carrier partner completes the transaction offline, doing so either through Insweb or in their call centre. The Insweb Corporation marketplace is open to consumers in all 50 states together with the District of Columbia.

Insweb Corporation is determined that visitors inexperienced with the insurance arena should have access to a knowledge base that can help educate them in order that they are better able to identify their own personal needs. To that end the Insweb Corporation provides a Learning Centre that helps clarify the complexities of insurance protection. Now there is never a need for you to either over or under insure. Ins Web has designed a comprehensive insurance marketplace that helps both the consumer and the insurance companies by reducing the confusion and bringing to both a fresh understanding and appreciation. Through the use of modern technology Insweb Corporation is able to ensure effective carrier target marketing, accurate online quoting, a single platform to store individual distribution channels, multiple carriers, and state requirements. In addition Insweb Insurance Services, Inc. maintain an agency that retails fresh business for carrier partners in several states across the country.

Insweb Corporation possess a strong, stable financial foundation and can boast that for the nine months ended 30 September 2005, revenues rose 78% to $19.2M., while the Net loss fell 42% to $3.9M. Revenues relate to increased income from business and the acknowledgement of Term Life commissions. Net loss was moderately balanced by increased sales and promotion costs.
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