Ford Bronco Concept Revival

The Ford bronco concept was a car that Ford failed in. it wasn't that the bronco was a bad car it was just that the public never really responded to it as well as Ford would have liked. They messed up on a few details such as fuel economy and its high ride. So as you can imagine a few years later the Ford bronco is in the used car lots and the price is falling rapidly. But of course Ford knew how to dust themselves off and try all over again.
The Ford bronco concept was introduced to dealerships in 1996. The Ford bronco concept was one of the first Sport Utility Vehicles to hit dealerships so of course it garnered a lot of attention during its initial inception. This Ford bronco concept was unveiled in 1995 as the thing of the future. It was a luxurious ride that could handle the freeway traffic as well as the snow and off roading if that is what you felt like doing. The 1996 Ford bronco was the first year for this car to hit the dealerships. Being that Ford felt that the 1996 Ford Bronco would make a huge splash they mass produced the car, only to find out that it was not taken to like it was as thought originally as the Ford bronco concept car. The 1996 Ford bronco ended up being a flop of sorts due to its high ride, and poor fuel economy. All things that the consumer never thought of while viewing the Ford bronco concept in 1995. This oversight led to tons of broncos never making it off the lot, and relegated to used car lots over the next few years. But all was not lost. The sport utility craze of recent years has brought people back into the picture looking for ford bronco parts to build there own "semi-classic."

Another main factor that played into the Ford bronco concept car being a flop at dealerships was its questionable reliability rating. Starting in the early 90's consumers started to question the reliability of Ford as Japanese auto makers were quickly making up ground in the automotive industry. Products from Toyota, Honda, and Nissan were quickly moving up the charts in the eyes of consumers due to their stellar reliability ratings. Take this into consideration, along with the fact that the gas mileage was not up to par, many people had to think twice about making this their car for the next few years.

These reliability concerns hindered the cars initial sales, but have surprisingly enough helped it out in the used car market. People who are in the market for a used car know that they are not going to get something that does not have a few problems. They are aware of the inherent drawbacks are and more than willing to deal with them. Also, people who buy these used Ford broncos, are mainly car guys who like to work on their own car as opposed to taking it to the dealership. This factor, along with the below average reliability rating (meaning more spare parts would be in demand) began to push sales of Ford bronco parts and accessories through the roof. The consumer quickly realized that they could have a great car that is only a few years old if they could deal with the fact that a few repairs may pop up here and there.

To this day a Ford bronco is still a safe pick if you like to work on your own car, and can deal with the minor reliability issues. If you can put those aside then you are going to get yourself a very nice car. But obviously you have to enjoy repairing your car so that means knowing the ins and outs of a car, otherwise you will be spending every other weekend at your mechanic trying to get your Ford bronco fixed again.
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