Cortina Mk5 Specs

Even Ford can make the occasional mistake when they release a car. It does happen to all manufactures. For Ford their mistake was releasing the Cortina Mk5 back in the early eighties. The Cortina Mk5 didn't live up to the expectations that Ford had hoped it would, they didn't pay too much of a high price for the failing car but it was a warning to the great manufacturer about the unpredictable car production market.

If you have ever searched for information on the Ford cortina mk5 you probably realized that there is not a lot out there. You are very unlikely to see a "Ford cortina for sale" sign in your next-door neighbor's yard, or a "Ford cortina for sale" ad in the local classified section. The reason that you do not see more Ford cortina for sale signs is that there truly is not enough information out there on this vehicle. The cortina mk5 was introduced by Ford in the early 80's and never really lived up to expectations. You have to remember that the cortina mk5 had to follow in the footsteps of the mk2 and the mk3, both of which were top sellers, and unrivaled for reliability and everyday commuting. So when Fords newest version, the cortina mk5, failed to make such a big splash the car seemed to get lost among other more capable performer. But that does not mean that this car is not worth hunting down if you are interested in restoring a great car that is only about 20 years old. Being that there is hardly any information available on this car you must be careful not to get jumpy and buy something you may regret in the long run.

Before purchasing this car be sure to research a lot of other models from its time period to make sure that they are not more suitable candidates. It never hurts to look around at the competition. Also check out some Internet message boards and see what other people are saying about the cortina mk5. You may be lucky enough to find someone who has owned one and knows all the ins and outs. You may also find one for sales that is too good to pass up, and you can make a great offer. Either way make sure you do your homework as to protect your investment. Below is a list of features for the cortina mk5. This is great information to keep handy if you are looking to buy!


1300 OHV or 1600 OHC (4 door models only)


4-speed manual gearbox with synchromesh on all forward gears
Remote floor mounted gearshift

Suspension & Steering:

Rack and pinion
Anti-theft lock
Two spoke soft-feel steering wheel

Hydraulic dual line
Floor mounted handbrake

Lighting & Electrical:
12 volt negative earth system
35 amp alternator
Rectangular headlamps
Heated rear window
Hazard warning flashers
Single tone horn
Reversing lamps
Rear fog lamps

All steel welded integral construction with safety glass all round
Laminated windscreen
2 or 4 door on 1300 models
4 door only on 1600 models
Black finish four bar louvered radiator grille
Black bumpers with wrap-around end caps
Black drip-rail, windshield and rear window inserts
Black rocker panel and windscreen wipers
Anti-burst door locks with childproof locks on rear doors
Black driver's door mirror
Luggage compartment effective capacity 11.8 cu. ft.

Backward movement
Bench rear seat
Carpet in passenger compartment
Boot mat
Ignition, oil pressure, indicator, brake failure and main beam warning lights
Inertia reel seat belts to driver's and front passenger's seats
Illuminated heater controls
Illuminated switches
Fuel and water temperature gauge
2-speed wipers with 'flick' wipe control and electric screen wash
Cigar lighter
Anti-dazzle rear view mirror
Door bins

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