Check Out An American Dream - Avanti II

People buy convertibles because in many instances they look better than their hardtop stable-mates. The Avanti II is no exception, and because its hand built you get to own a vehicle that's been constructed by craftsman rather than simply run off an assembly line. But whether you buy the convertible or hardtop coupe, you also get to own a slice of American motoring history as the Avanti II survives in the form of the 2006 Avanti, and still retains its squared-off grill-less design that dates back to 1965.

If you really want to own a car that's rare and different to any in your neighbourhood, and quite like the idea that it's built in the US. You might be interested in a slice of American motoring history that's still available today. The Avanti II now remodelled as the 2006 Avanti comes as a Coupe or Convertible with two engine options to ensure performance is always entertaining, while creature comforts are catered for with a touch of leather, air conditioning, speed control and a host of other features.


The history of the Avanti stretches as far back as 1962, when the then fourth largest American motor manufacturer called Studebaker, introduced its latest model, the Avanti. A major feature of the car was a squared-off grille-less design that has stood the test of time. Studebaker's original design was a huge success with the American public and won lots of acclaim from the automotive press. However, Studebaker sustained production of the Avanti for just two years; 1963 and 1964, before the company relocated to Canada without the intention of continuing production of the Avanti. However two successful Studebaker dealers in Indiana figured the Avanti deserved to continue, and in 1964 they negotiated for the rights, tooling and machinery to do so.

The new owners established the Avanti Motor Corporation in 1964 and began production of the Avanti II which lasted until 1982, when the company was sold again. In 1984 the development of a convertible was initiated, however once again production of Avanti cars was short-lived because by 1985 the factory had closed yet again. In 1986 Avanti was reborn and incorporated with some General Motors mechanicals that allowed for easier servicing, but life for Avanti was anything but stable. In 1988 the rights to the Avanti were purchased for the fifth time and company's title changed to the Avanti Automotive Corporation along with the Avanti II designation being dropped, leaving just Avanti. Between 1988 and 1989 the coupe and convertible were built in small numbers and by 1990 a four door version was made available. However the four door did not prove popular and Avanti production ground to a halt until 1998 when the assets were made available and purchased yet again.

In October 2000 the latest versions of the Avanti were placed on public display as a coupe and convertible, and those same versions continue today.

The fascination of the Avanti has stretched decades, and continues to propel enthusiasts into ensuring its survival into the 21st century. With about 150 Avanti's sold annually it should be possible to locate a used Avanti car if you're sufficiently determined.

The Avanti 2006

The Avanti II may have passed away but the Avanti lives on in 2006. Avanti sport cars, because that is what the Avanti has most often been considered, remains either a coupe or convertible. Two engines are offered, either a 4.0 V6 (210 bhp) or 4.6 V8 (300 bhp) mated to five speed manual transmissions as standard. Five speed automatics are optional.

The 2006 Avanti continues as a four seater and comes with a vast array of standard features for either version. Safety and Security are handled by side door intrusion beams, 3-point lap shoulder safety belts, Lower Anchors and tethers for children and power 4-wheel disc brakes. While security includes a remote illumination keyless entry system and SecuriLock Passive Anti theft System.


The 2006 Avanti costs between $75,000 to £125,000 depending on the model and features required.

Used Avanti car values will depend largely on how much someone will be willing to pay as well as reference to the service log to ensure that it has been properly maintained. It is not inconceivable that used Avanti car values will gradually increase over time as the vehicle becomes more commonly recognised as a part of American motoring history. If you are in the market for sport cars that offer individuality, take a look at the Avanti range.
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