Benefits Of Joining The Auto Club

As much as we would like to think that our car would never leave us stranded, that's an unrealistic expectation. Of course, the auto club has changed over the years from the day when some of them would come out and rescue you every day for the same problem. You may think you don't need to join the auto motor club, but if you ever become stranded at night, you will rethink that line of thought.
At one time or another everyone has pondered the idea of whether joining the auto club was a reasonable and viable expense. After all, the older drivers remember when AAA would come out as many times as necessary for your annual membership fee. Of course, you also had to wait an average of one hour for them to get there because the approved service stations were few and far between! Those days have come and gone, but the auto motor club still has its purpose. Today some services have been cut back and others have been added, but the auto club is still the most economical way to obtain road service in an emergency.

Besides emergency road service, the auto club provides many other services to its members as well. Travel Services is just one of these lines of business that are above and beyond emergency road service. Instead of calling the local travel agent, you call the auto club for a list of approved hotels that come with discounted rates for auto motor club members. Instead of having to call around for good rates, the auto club has a self-contained travel agency to make reservations for you. This entity has greatly evolved over the years from what was just a referral service to a full-blown travel service. In the past, all an auto club member received in the way of travel services was a list of approved hotels at a discounted price, airline and travel insurance, and maps and directions. Today's auto club has gone way beyond that scope, and even provides services that have nothing to do with travel or transportation at all. Though not a strange concept to think of purchasing auto and travel insurance from the auto club, they are now providing a way for you to purchase homeowners insurance, life insurance, mortgages, financial planning, credit cards, and a whole array of other services that make the auto club competitive with other financial institutions. It's not just an auto club anymore, but a one-stop shop for many of your travel, transportation, and family needs.

One thing that hasn't changed over the years is the auto club newsletter that provides travel and safety tips when you're away from home. Tips are provided on gas prices, the best routes to take, how to avoid accidents, and much more valuable information. There is no better time than the present to join the auto club and take advantage of its many services, some of which it has been providing to members for many years. Many new services have been provided over the years as the need has grown, and many more will continue to be added in order to maintain its rightful place among its competitions.

Don't hesitate for a moment using the services of your auto club thinking they are not experienced in other fields. Before offering any of the services to their members, they have made certain they have qualified people in place who know how to sell and service those lines of business. They have taken great care to do all of the needed research needed to provide that product and certainly have not used you as their guinea pig. Look at it this way: if banks can become involved in the rental car business, why should your auto club provide financial services? On the other hand, if my doctor starts trying to sell me mutual funds, I'll have to take a second look at that thought, but that's a story for another day.
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