A New Scion TC For Amy

You have to know what you are looking for. That is what the Scion TC provides opportunity to invest in something worthwhile. There are many car dealerships offering a great deal on the cars and that is why you cannot miss out on this. You will drive in luxury at an affordable price. You can even purchase a second hand Scion TC if that is the way that you wish to go.
One of my closest friends has been going through a rough time and fortunately, things are looking a little better now. She recently received a raise at her job, which allowed her to finally purchase a new car. It was a relief to see Amy look happier than she had been in months and I was excited to go car shopping with her. We discussed several different options in terms of size, type and price and she decided that a sport compact car was definitely the way to go.

We set out on a snowy Saturday and began with dealerships that offered many choices for a sport compact car. Price was obviously an issue as part of Amy's recent difficulties involved finances so we had to consider the cost of a new vehicle carefully. I read an article the other day about Toyota's Scion TC and thought that this might be the way to go, but I didn't want to bias her against anything, so I waited until she checked out several cars.

It was clear to me that Amy was becoming a little frustrated with the whole car shopping experience as it can be quite overwhelming for people. I asked if she would like to take a break and have some lunch, which she thought sounded like a good idea. I decided that over lunch I could tell her about the Scion TC I had read about and suggest that we go take a look at one.

Amy was very excited about the sport compact car from Toyota, as she knew about the fine reputation of building quality automobiles that they have. I explained that what I learned about the Scion TC was that it was an inexpensive, quality sport compact car that offers many options and is a fun, quiet car to drive. She was eager to go look at them and test drive one so we finished our lunch and headed back out into the crazy world of car shopping. Although I must say that it was nothing like going shopping for bags and shoes. Yet having a new car was a must for Amy!

The Toyota dealership was not far from where we had lunch and I could see Amy's face light up when she saw the new 2006 Scion TC in the showroom window. It was black and really sharp looking; rather plain in body style but that suited Amy well. A salesman approached us as soon as we stepped out of my car and noticed that our gaze was fixed on the showroom. He immediately began running through the specs of the Scion TC, which I must admit were rather impressive. A 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with 160 horsepower, first-rate interior materials, comfortable bucket seats, and the 2006 Scion TC has an audio system that is compatible with the Apple iPod. One of the most amazing facts that the salesman told us was that this sport compact car gets 30 miles per gallon on the highway!

Test driving the Scion TC was so much fun and I could tell that Amy had decided that this was the car for her. We returned to the dealership, she filled out the paperwork and it did not take long before the transaction was complete. Amy drove her new, shiny black Toyota Scion TC home that very day. It was a sight to behold. I had to fight back a gush of tears as my heart skipped a beat from shear joy. I drove myself back home with a smile on my face the whole way, thinking about how happy my friend was and how cool her new car was.
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