2006 Nissan Quest - Smooth Operator

The 2006 Nissan Quest may seem very similar to last year’s model. But the difference is under the hood, this is where Nissan have spent a lot of their time compared to the 2005 model. The differences are not always visible to many people, but if you get a mechanic under there then they will realize the differences straight away. The acceleration is now slightly faster compared to the 2005 model. But there is one thing that Nissan have annoyed people with, and that is the ability to bring out a car every year that everyone wants.
The 2006 Nissan Quest, almost identical in design to the 2005 Nissan Quest, has proved itself to the world as one of the top selling minivans of all time. The 2005 Nissan Quest was the first minivan to offer all the usual amenities along with the power of a sports sedan. The 2006 Nissan Quest has been a top seller for this exact reason, following up the strong campaign of the 2005 Nissan Quest. This car was the first of its kind, and being that Nissan beat everyone else to the punch, they get credit for designing the minivan of the future. The 2006 Nissan Quest offers everything that a traditional minivan does, but also has a 240 horsepower V6 engine. That’s right, this is a minivan and it is packing all of that punch. The 2006 Nissan Quest has set the standard for minivans; read below to see how!

The 2006 Nissan Quest is unrivaled in the acceleration department as far as the minivan segment is concerned. This car can go 0-60 mph in approximately 7.7 seconds which is the best in its class. The 5 speed automatic transmission provides seamless shifting that the driver is unaware of. This transmission is one of the smoothest available anywhere, not just in the minivan segment.

Fuel economy has also been improved in the 2006 Nissan Quest. The bigger engine usually means lower fuel economy, but the 2005 Nissan Quest design has actually improved gas mileage over the past generations. Nissan recommends using premium fuel for this engine, though it is not needed.

The ride quality in this car is very smooth as well. It feels like you are driving a car, not a minivan. And this is what Nissan was looking for in their next generation minivan.

This car offers typical minivan room. The front seats are very comfortable with plenty of room to spread out. The second row captain’s chairs also offer plenty of room for those who choose to sit there. Go all the way to the back and you can fit three more people with ease. Cargo room is also abundant in the 2006 Nissan Quest as you can get available fold flat seats. These fold flat seats allow for large items to fit in the car without having to remove the seats.

The 2006 Nissan Quest is among one of the best values in the minivan class of cars. You get tons of standard features for the money. This car has also had great reliability records of the years, and that is sure to continue in years to come. The 2006 Nissan Quest allows you to get the most out of your money. If you are on a budget take a strong look at this car, because you will definitely give every dollars worth. The 2006 Nissan Quest is a strong contender for best minivan in the class. It has everything that you would expect, plus many extras.

Nissan always strike it right when they release the next Nissan quest car. Sometimes you may not think that there are any extras compared to last year’s model. But Nissan is always improving the Nissan Quest to make sure that their customers get not only a safe car, but a dependable car. If one of their customers is unsatisfied with the vehicle then Nissan know that they have failed.
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