2006 Ford Five Hundred - Trouble For The Competition

The 2006 Ford five hundred made its debut with a loud roar. This car entered into the market to a large waiting audience. Everyone wanted the Ford five hundred and now that most people have them they can die happy. Some people have said that they have found the perfect car. While others have said that there is a lot wrong with the car. Ford needs the people that hate the car to give them feedback on what they are doing wrong.
The 2005 ford five hundred made its debut model year a success. The 2005 ford five hundred took the automotive world by storm. With Fords recent struggles being documented on almost a daily basis through the news, the 2005 ford five hundred was a breath of fresh air for the fledgling car company which is trying to regain its market share. The 2006 ford five hundred is looking to sell just as good as its predecessor did a year earlier. And if early results are a means to measure by, it looks like the 2006 ford five hundred will be able to live up to the expectations set forth last year. This car has been selling like hot cakes at Ford dealerships across the country.

Automotive critics have been very receptive of this new model by Ford Motor Company. It offers a great alternative to the outdated Ford Taurus. The 2006 ford five hundred also offers an alternative to the people who have been buying foreign cars such as the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and Nissan Altima. Even though the 2006 ford five hundred has not quite caught up to the standards set forth by these three class leaders, it has closed the gap considerably. The good thing for the Ford Motor Company is that it can now say that they are closer than ever to catching the big three that we mentioned above. There was a place and time when the Ford Taurus was one of the best rides in the midsize car class. But it has been some years since this has been the case.

Ever since the big three stated above caught a head full of steam, none of the American cars have been able to slow them down. These cars are known for their reliability and great build quality; two areas that has plagued Ford in the past. But according to consumers and auto critics alike, the new 2006 ford five hundred has done a great job in narrowing the lead of the competition. Ford has done this buy offering more powerful engines, as well as more room in the front and rear than its competitors. Consumers are looking for family sized cars that can still act like sports cars.

They know that they cannot fit the entire family inside a Corvette, but do not want to be seen in a minivan, or do not want to waste the gas money associated with most sports utility vehicles. The room inside the 2006 ford five hundred is among the best in its class, helping to steal away customers from some of the competition. Another big selling point for this car has been its available all wheel drive system; something that is not, and has never been offered by the midsize competition from Japan. This is surely going to help Ford sell more cars.

If you are in the market for a new midsize car do not forget to check out the 2006 ford five hundred. Even though it has not caught all the way up to the competition, it is getting closer by the year. Ford seems to be the first to make these revolutionary changes to their cars and then the competition steals them. But Ford has to show is current customers and also its potential customers that they came up with the idea and they are the ones that should continue to get the praise for the work that they have done. But of course if they are selling enough cars to make a profit then why should they worry. Profit is profit after all.
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