You can't do without a sugaring kit if you are seeking an easy way to beauty

Body sugaring has long been acknowledged as an effective home-made method of hair removal, decent alternative to waxing or shaving. This method has its indisputable advantages, which make it preferable in comparison to others. The sticky paste and strips of cloth, which make up the sugaring kit, is basically all you need to find out for yourself how efficient the sugaring method is.

Body sugaring is far and away not the most recent invention. A bit of research tells us that this method has been in active application for quite a while now. It was made much use of in Ancient India along with stringing, and it has not lost its popularity at the contemporary time. It is not unnatural, as the cost of the sugaring procedure if conducted at home is minimal. No one says it is not painful at all. It is, but it is well worth the sacrifice.

As a result of the sugaring procedure the hair is removed at the root and when it grows back, there is less of it and it is much softer, not so stubbly as it is when the razor is used. And if you rip the strip of cloth out with a brick and quick movement, while keeping your skin taught, you will considerably minimize the unpleasant sensations.

If you try this method out on yourself using the essential sugaring kit, you will see that it will stand up to your expectations, maybe even exceed them. The basic advantages of this ancient method of hair removal are its comparatively small price per sugaring kit and the fact that the whole procedure can be easily done at home. However, there are also some disadvantages to be mentioned. Sugaring can be messy and sometimes hairs break off at or below the surface. So it is up to you to weigh up all the pro's and con's and make up your mind concerning what hair removal technique to use. Sugaring if quite often compared to waxing, because the procedure itself is very similar in these two cases.

A good percentage of people however prefer the former. It seems gentler, as the sugar is never heated to the same high degree as wax is. Sugar is only slightly warmed and this accounts for less skin irritation caused by the procedure. The discomfort is also minimized because sugar tends to only stick to the hairs, not to the skin. The sugaring procedure itself is rather simple. The first thing you have to do is to prepare your sugaring kit. Lets start with the sticky paste. There are quite a number of various recipes of such paste to be prepared at home. It is up to you to fix your choice on one of them, based on the availability of the ingredients and its efficiency discovered by experience. The next step is dusting the area of sugaring, previously dried, with cornstarch. This promotes the efficiency of sugaring as the oil is thus removed from the skin surface.

Then you need to apply a thin layer of the sticky paste to wherever you wish to remove hair from and cover the surface up with a strip of cloth. What you have to do next is rub the strip in the direction opposite to hair growth. After that the strip of cloth is to be pulled off very quickly by a brisk movement. It will hurt, but the pain won't be unbearable. After a while it is sure to lessen as you become more adjusted to it. As you can see, the sugaring kit is simple as can be and is made up of the sticky paste and the strips of cloth.

The good news is that the sticky paste can be stored and then reheated to repeat the procedure. As for the strips, the first option to make them of is muslin cloth, however, cotton broadcloth is a very good alternative. After they have been washed, the strips of cloth can be used again, just make sure to cut off the loose threads. When the strips do wear off, just replace them with new ones.

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