Yoga stretches types differ greatly from ordinary stretches

Almost all of the beginners make the same crucial mistake which causes injuries in the course of the yoga practice. All of the yoga stretches types like neck stretches, shoulder roll, and backbone stretches are relatively risky in this respect. It is a common misconception that yoga and stretching are of the same notion. However, it has to be realized that the effect produced by yoga is more multifaceted.

Many centuries ago yogis in their pursuit of perfection found that psychological development is only possible when the corresponding physical state goes along with it. In other words, a weak and unhealthy organism can't absorb the energy needed to achieve an absolute peace of mind. Only the person practicing Raja yoga which is yoga of the mind development, self control, and the control of the mind can obtain the desired result. Moreover, it was discovered that the energy from above can also have a pernicious effect on the organism by destroying it as bacteria and diseases grow stronger and disorders and imperfections are intensified. However, this only happens when the energy from above is misused.

In the case of both physical and mental disorders, is necessary to improve the energy of the organism to increase metabolism, generate the necessary energy, adapt to the overload, and enhance the immune barrier. Yogis have discovered the method which is very potent in this respect. It is the gymnastic system of different yoga stretches types which serve to stretch the connective tissues. This stage of yoga is called asana.

Generally speaking, asana is a posture that is assumed to stretch the tendon muscle tissues. The more profound that the stretch of the tendons and muscles are then, the greater the immune system improvement and the adaptive capability of the organisms are. The relation between connective tissues and the immune system is no longer a wonder to human beings.

Various yoga stretches types draw attention to the importance of stretching the connective tissues with the goal of increasing the power of the organism. Different yoga stretches types such as the neck stretch, shoulder roll, backbone stretch, and many more stretches have proven extremely useful.

When speaking about various yoga stretches types, mention must be made of the following dilemma. In the case of a person with good starting flexibility and state of connective tissues, changes in the organism will only take place if he performs the challenging stretching exercises and we don't mean the easy ones. In regards to the beginners, they will achieve tangible results by just practicing the basic yoga asanas.

The best conclusion to be drawn from what has been said above are that people who have a good flexibility level and some stretching practice should perform more challenging and complex yoga stretches types. They are just people who have achieved certain results but wish to improve them when they need to.

The main goal of asana practice is to stretch all of the tendons and muscles. However, the desired result can only be achieved if the needed pose is fixed and maintained for a certain period of time.

It is important to remember that only stretching may have negative results because it may loosen the muscle system. For this reason, inverse action is essential. Stretching the tendons and muscles should be combined with static isometric tension of the muscles.

On the important condition of asana practice the practitioner will receive drastic results in terms of the immune system in the shortest period of time. On the other hand incorrect asana practice may cause serious injuries.

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