Work of nailists is difficult and thorough

The work of nailists requires quality, accuracy, and even the skills of an artist. Nailists' tasks today can be not only caring for the nails, and using nail shaping procedures, but also the fantasy expression. Their artistic points of view led to the appearing of the new tendency in modern fashion - nail art that we can enjoy on our nails.

As far back as Ancient Egypt people painted and polished their finger and toenails. So, the fashion is old. But in Europe women began to decorate their nails only after a revolution in nail cosmetics in 1920's when the first colorless nail polish was invented. The color paints for nails appeared as recently as 1932, since that time the fantasy of nailists, cosmetologists and designers has been developing. Nailists are professionals that have been educated in special schools, or courses, and often the work of a nailist requires experience, the skills of an artist, and creative thinking. New technologies and innovative techniques in nail art that are recently invented, make nailists study and raise the level of their skills.

For the work of nailists, there is a great variety of instruments available. They use clippers, cuticle and nail scissors, polishers, brushes, tweezers, wooden sticks and many more tools, including special machines for nail painting. The manicure procedure begins with removing the old polishes and coats from the nails. The required form of the nails is filed: round, square, oval, or sharpened. The oval form is suitable almost for everybody and makes the nail longer visually. Nail shaping depends much on the customer's requirements and her style of life. Manual work usually prevents women from having very long fingernails because of inconvenience. Square nails are durable for cracks. Sharpened nails can be combined with long fingers. The work of nailists in this procedure should be careful and thorough. In the soap solution the master softens the skin in the nail bed and removes cuticle with special instruments or materials. Cutting technology can be substituted by chemical solutions or special oils that can help to remove the dead skin by a painless and safe method.

Further work of nailists includes the brightening, drying, coating, and polishing. Usually professionals use newer technologies in caring the nail. Special masks, oils, and other nail-care products are applied before manicuring. Among these technologies there are paraffinotherapy and SPA therapy. The hands and nails are coated by a warm paraffin layer. Due to the property of this material to keep the warmth for a long period of time, the coated skin is moistened and softened, the cells refreshing processes quicken and the skin becomes younger. Spa manicure is fulfilled with the help of special substances based on mineral water and other components, that nourish your skin and nails with the vitamins and minerals required.

The work of nailists also includes nail piercing, nail sculpturing, nail art, and other procedures that appeared with the trends of the modern fashion. Nail art requires not only the work of a professional nailist, but also the work of an artist. The creation of the pictures and correct color combination on the little nail plates need the skills and refined taste. Some nailists, especially of the Japanese origin, gained international popularity due to their contribution to the nail art and their dazzling designs. So the fashion can be a real inspiration for talented masters and artists.

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