Want to Do Something Really Stupid ? Abuse Drugs During Pregnancy

Women addicted to drugs and who continue doing drugs during pregnancy, are not only stupid but are risking irreparable damage to their unborn child. And that is beyond stupid. It goes without saying that it is difficult to get rid of this dreadful habit. But each person has their destiny within their own hands. Proof-positive by the fact that many people do manage to battle this dependency. The additional stimulus is to care about the life of an unborn child. The price to pay for this hazardous pleasure; for the euphoria given by drugs, is high: a child born with a string of diseases beginning with a weak immune system and ending with the risk of anemia or block infection.

Many health institutions are concerned about such mortal diseases as AIDS for example. Sure it's heart-breaking to look at young people, condemned to death by hair-rising negligence or just unlucky incident, which results in the loss of health or life. But it is much more pitiful to observe those who are condemned from birth. Different reasons lead to such an outcome but the most awful is abusing drugs during pregnancy by light-minded or weak-willed future mothers.

Why do they do this? Why don't they think of the unborn life, if they are indifferent to theirs? It's necessary in this case to concentrate all the will, to pull oneself together and give it up! To tell the truth, it's very easy to teach and preach, when you are not the one that is addicted. And not every woman has the strength to give up drugs. Sometimes this addiction is stronger than human desire to become a normal individual. We hear the alarming statistics of how many people are drug-addicted. But its human nature to be overwhelmed by one's our own problems and care about other people's problems only for information and to broaden one's outlook.

You can hear about the problem of drugs during pregnancy and you even have spontaneous desire to make your own deposit in solving of this disaster. But, in the end, whirlwind of life-pace makes you forget about your initial intention to be a partaker in salvation of lost souls. But only imagine that it's your sister, mother, friend, or, God forbid, daughter can be in it. There is no guarantee that even you won't be involved in it one day. As one proverb says, "never say never".

The number of diseases, "presented" to baby by mother, abusing drugs, is frightening if the baby is very lucky, slightly damaged immune system, frequent colds and flues can be the result. Poor eye-sight and hearing are the next. To make the picture more clear, it would be up-to-place to mention that the most hazardous and frequently occurred diseases and ailments, caused by abusing drugs during pregnancy. It's typical for such infants to have chronic ulcer and one of numerous types of cancer. It is important to say that many of these illnesses can be revealed during any period of lifetime.

Still think that drugs are just harmful entertainment or your own burden? Then, imagine a baby, a born invalid, who has to spend all its future life migrating from hospital to hospital! It is the fact, that percentage of such outcomes is very high. Especially probable are the risk of blood and heart infection and the risk of anemia. Moreover, the percentage of still-born babies is the highest among addicted women.

The problem of abusing drugs during pregnancy is the problem of the pregnant woman in the first place. But each of us is a part of this society, and its troubles should be taken like our own troubles. Especially it concerns government, the most powerful, influent ional and responsible part of it. The USA is the example to follow, where a law has been passed, where drugs and alcohol intake during pregnancy is punished by years of imprisonment.

Some skeptics argue that this law sounds as if mothers didn't care about the fetus, but did everything to kill children. These are just silly arguments, as not all the mothers are taken into account by lawmakers, but only those who continue abusing drugs when being pregnant.

This is very topical for young girls, who tend to make drugs a part of their night-club leisure. This law is a very helpful thing, though it doesn't take into consideration the fact that addicted people are characterized by low level of self-control and their main desire is to get another portion of deadly powder by any means, and care about unborn children in the second place, and fear of punishment is over weighed by sufferings without drugs. If it's present at all.

Sometimes punishment does work, but it's not cure-all. Moreover, will it help the unborn children, whose future lives are being turned into unstoppable suffering mothers` drug intake? Sure answer is no. There are hospitals for drug-addicted. It's one of the methods to solve the problem. But one is supposed to remember that mechanical care, without compassion, spiritual support and understanding, will bring little or no results. Relatives, husbands, friends and other people, who surround such a person, should remember that addiction is an illness, and treat drug-addicted respectively: like the one, who needs love, help and understanding but not reproaches.

It won't be excessive to remember that love does miracles. But, as a wise man once said, "Prevention is the best medicine". So, it's our duty to remember, remind, prove, and tell others how much danger a gram of drugs contains, how much it deprives us and how surely kills bodies and lives, turning lives into darkness and people into oblivion.

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