Vegan desserts - the choice of tasty and healthy dish

Veganism is one of the strictest streams in modern vegetarian system. Vegans do not consume animal products both in nutrition and field of consumer goods (even goods just tested on animals). Vegan products list is mainly presented with vegetables, grains and fruits. But this list is big enough for preparing various tasty dishes and even perfect vegan desserts.

Vegan diets are some of the strictest variants of vegetarian nutrition. Some vegetarians do not risk step the way because of the fear not to deal with the life without such slight delights as sweets, various desserts etc. But the lack of sweets products and vegan desserts is just the myth created by incognizant people. Vegans believe that vegan desserts presented with vegan ice-cream, vegan cakes, vegan cookies, vegan sweets and even vegan chocolate are very tasty. Today thanks to great development of vegetarian industry most vegans can be entirely satisfied with variety of vegan dishes and restaurant service.

Let us firstly have a look on vegetarian system and then vegan system of nutrition from the inside. Although the basic principles are common in all cases, today vegetarian culture is presented by many streams and nutrition systems. The basic idea of vegetarianism development is in the secret of special body and spirit training. According to Buddhism, teaching that formed the vegetarianism itself, it is an inadmissible to stand with animal eating. The present motivation list is significantly enlarged since the time of theory development. Everyone finds his/her own rescue in vegetarian nutrition systems (psychological, religious, spiritual, social, health improvement, nutrition, environmental, aesthetic, etc). The big variety of modern vegetarianism forms, systems and diets proves high popularity of vegetarian tendency.

Today vegetarianism is represented by comparatively new tendency of vegan eating. This vegetarian variant finds especially strict criticism because of some kinds of extremity. Any animal products are not available for vegan nutrition system (no meat, eggs, cheese, milk, butter and even honey only vegan desserts). Vegan eating is just the part of new philosophical system that struggles against consumption of animal products, leather goods, any cosmetic based on natural fat, etc.

One variant of vegan eating is consumption of macrobiotic products that are ?not forbidden? for macrobiotic vegetarians (whole grains and beans). Another unusual variant of veganism is raw food diet. The followers of this diet consume only raw products sometimes warmed slightly. They believe that only in this way, it is possible to preserve all nutritive materials gifted by nature. Some of raw ?foodists? prefer previous soaking of products in water. Many of raw diet fans are fruitarians. Fruitarians? food allowance includes fruits, nuts, and seeds. Some of these vegetarians eat only fruits that fell from the tree following some holistic philosophy principles.

Vegans enjoy their diets gaining some benefits at the same time:

-         they consume real fresh food without any artificial additions;

-         their meals are healthy;

-         they can easily improve their health and balance weight perfectly.

All above mentioned items can be gained even under the conditions of vegan sweets consumption as all vegetarian sweet are free of animal fats and not dangerous to the organism and weight itself at all. All animal products that can turn out to be unhealthy replaced with soy products that make vegan desserts tastes perfect and be healthy at the same time.

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