Vegan cookies - two sides: perfect taste and benefits

It is proved by hundreds of research works that life without meat is not only possible but even very beneficial for human's health. Our early ancestors followed the path of plant-eating because of natural conditions and being more gatherers than hunters; later people kept vegetarian diets because of the religious reasons. Today there are great deals of motivations that make people enjoy vegetarian life style. Vegetarians have their own favorite dishes and desserts.

Vegetarian nutrition has opened the doors to millions of families during the centuries. Each of them has its own purposes: health benefits, weight controlling and balancing, religious customs, environmental savings, etc; and its own reasons: family traditions, religion beliefs, health problems, etc. A lot of people all over the world enjoy their vegetarian life without meat, often dairy products, eggs, fish, etc. at the same time the society represented by meat eaters are always curious and interested in problem how can the people survive without consumption animal products and at least delicious desserts. The answer for the question is any book of vegetarian recipes.

There are different kinds of recipes that can be arranged in the accordance with different types of vegetarians: full vegetarians, lacto vegetarians, ovo vegetarians, ovo-lacto vegetarians, vegans (some of the strictest vegetarians), macrobiotic vegetarians, pesco-pollo vegetarians, etc.

It seems that it is unbelievable to cook any vegan desserts for instance vegan cookies and or vegan chocolate. But the practice shows that the popularity of vegan cookies grows every day all over the world. Many new vegetarian restaurants and bars offer tasty vegan cookies in huge varieties that are so popular among both vegetarians and animal product eating people. It is amazing that the decent list of products available for vegans who do not consume animal products and even consumer goods that are tested on animals. But vegan dietitians skillfully replace dairy products with soy products and different grains. The combining of vegetables, fruits, soy products, beans gains make it possible to cook great deal of delicious dishes.

One of the favorite vegan dish is vegan pizza which recipe is almost the same with vegetarian one excluding only cheese and other dairy products. The list of traditional vegan pizza includes vegetables (tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, pepper, zucchini, beans, carrots, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, garlic, spices). In the case of vegan pizza cheese is replaced with tofu ("tofu" - Japanese word that means "decayed beans").

Vegan cookies are other samples that made vegan cuisine famous and favorite all over the world. Most vegans consider that the best choices are vegan chocolate chip cookies. Vegan cookies recipes are available in any bookstore in big choice as they are easy and healthy. Consumption of vegan cookies provides a line of benefits that is why these recipes are beloved by millions of animal products consumers (delicious taste, improved health and perfect weight balancing as vegan cookies are low calorie products).
The consumption of vegan cookies is much more preferable to animal fat based dishes. It is perfect variant for models, movie stars, sportsmen, etc. Many children can step the way of healthy nutrition consuming only vegan cookies. Vegan share their impressions after tasting vegan dessert emphasizing their lightness and cheerful mood after ingestion.

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