Vegan clothes - extreme or necessity?

Veganism is one of the strictest variants of the vegetarianism. The representatives of this stream are sure that it is not enough to clean the body. The human has to clean his soul avoiding consumption of any animal products and consumer goods tested on animals. The strict vegetarian diet is not available for everyone but in most cases it is beneficial even from the health point of view.

Vegetarianism is one of the most popular nutrition systems today that can be divided in some sub-categories: lacto vegetarianism, ovo vegetarianism, lacto vegetarianism, ovo-lacto vegetarianism, pesco vegetarianism, macrobiotic vegetarianism, raw food eating and the strongest one veganism.

The followers of vegan system do not consume any animal products: no meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, honey, some kinds of grains and even fruits and vegetables that have not been gathered in natural way. Also representatives of this stream do not use consumer goods based on animal products or that had been tested on animals. The traditional consumer goods ingredients and materials are not available for vegans. Natural fur, wool, leather, silk, ivory, horn, bone, pearl, corals and other products are out of veganism limits. But they are replaced with the vegan clothes, vegan shoes and vegan accessories, for example vegan handbags. Jewelry, cleaning agents and cosmetics connected with animal substances are strictly criticized by all vegans. Vegans from all over the world try to prove with their own experience that not only vegan diets serves for health improvement, but also that vegan clothes can be much better than animal based goods.

The idea of veganism and vegan clothes can be traced to the ancient India where the vegetarianism itself got birth. That was exactly Buddhism and Hinduism that proclaimed the ideas of reincarnations. ?The human cannot eat live creature. Who knows maybe next time he will be born embodied into the animal??. Afterwards it was proved that veganism was useful as the effective method of health improvement. All plant products can be digested much easier than animal products.

Vegan clothes and shoes are not the extreme variant of veganism. Today almost all vegans try to recommend the system to all their relatives and very often test it on pets. As for animals (the same with human vegetarianism) the most important point in raw food feeding is well-planned and balanced diets with proper choice of raw food ingredients. This principle works both for raw cat food and raw dog food. It is clear that such products as meat, poultry, fish, other sea products, boiled eggs etc. are rich in proteins. Certainly all pets probably like them much but most vets strongly recommends not to form the diet for the pet with more than 25-30% of non-vegetarian food when almost all variants of raw pet food are approve (the perfect quantity is 60-70%). It is very important not to feed any pet with raw food that is non-vegetarian food. If pet dietitians talk about pet raw food, they mean only vegetarian products.

The existence of numerous vegan societies and research works devoted to this problem prove that all vegans are not just crazy people but personalities that take much care of themselves taking into the consideration all points of problem both physiological and moral. The main principle of their ideology (and it should be mentioned that veganism is much more than just nutrition system) is not to kill live creature.

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