Eve Ellis ? one of famous USA models

Models are the people engaged not only in photography. These are the people who try themselves in acting, dancing, Internet movies, etc. Eve Ellis is not an exception. She is a great example of USA models, who had nothing at the very beginning, but later reached success in life thanks to their desire to do the things they wanted to do. Eve Ellis started as a waitress in the club and nowadays is considered to be a well-known bondage model.
USA models are probably the most popular models of the world. Speaking about them we would like to pay high attention to Eve Ellis - one of the well-known USA models whose nude fetish photos and videos can be found on the Internet. Eve Ellis belongs to the bondage USA models. She was born in Arcata, California. The career of this fashion model started in 1996 when she decided to specialize in extremely tight elbow ties. And she succeeded. Her popularity resulted in being awarded the "Signy Bondage Award Gold Laurel" in 2000. She was considered to be the best bondage model of that year. Later, she was also one of the final USA models of "Signy": she was the third one in 2001, the eleventh - in 2003, the sixth - in 2004 and again the sixth - in 2005. It's worthy admitting that Eve frequently appears not only in various fetish videos but also in some adult movies (for example, "Life of a Gigolo"). As a matter of fact, she plays the title character in the ongoing web-serial for adults, she plays agent Eve. Red hair was her signature, but recently she has become blonde. According to different sources of information nowadays Eve seems to have devoted herself to artistic fetish photography, retro and fashion. Thus, Eve Ellis is known to be a California girl who is originally from the northern coast. However, over time she has worked her way south (past Los Angeles). She is officially workaholic and loves every minute of it. She travels quite a bit with work and unfortunately doesn't see many of the places she has been to. However, if they look good, she comes back. Since 1998 Eve Ellis has had her personal web-site. She says that her work is a kind of her reflection. She finds her activity interesting and humorous. She has never wanted to be anyone else other than actress, singer, dancer, entertainer and one of the notable USA models. When she was 18 years of age she realized that she wasn't tall enough to be engaged in high fashion modeling and become a supermodel. She enjoyed acting but didn't want to be just a simple actress. Eve Ellis's distinguishing feature is that she has always liked something mysterious, dark and off-beat. These features often remind people of Amy Waltz (another well-known USA model). Eve Ellis has always had a retro look or "side"; and at the same time she has been on the cutting edge in art, music, party scenes, cars and photos. In the early 1990s she was a promoter in San Francisco for parties where Prodigy, Moby and other big dj's were playing. She still loves to spin. During her modeling career she delved into a singing career (for about a year). Her producer is known to work with such people as DJ Muggs, Tricky, Vanessa Williams and other famous people. Thus, Eve Ellis belongs to those USA models that were simple girls and turned into beautiful and well-known people both in real and Internet life. She was first a cocktail waitress at the huge dinner, billiards, dancing club and worked really hard there. Working in this club she had an opportunity to meet lots of celebrities and participate in various wrap parties. It was a great experience for her, which helped in her future career as a supermodel.
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